Website Traffic Report: From 6 to 1,200 Visits a Day in 2012

Website Traffic Report 2012Thought I’d post a website traffic report after reviewing my top social media posts of 2012.

I hope my experience will give you some ideas for your own website!

Backstory: I had a website at for over a dozen years, then finally sold the domain name to MySpace several years ago. It was a very Web 1.0 “brochure” website where I directed potential clients to peruse my graphic design portfolio. [pinit]

My Website Traffic Report for 2012

April 20, 2011 marked the unveiling of this current WordPress website. I went with WordPress because I knew that blogging was the way to attract traffic to your website. My intentions were good, but my blogging was inconsistent – in both topics and schedule. I finally hit my blogging stride in February 2012. A glance at my Google Analytics tells the story!

Website Traffic Report 2012

I posted 72 times on this site last year, and that took me into the top 100,000 websites in Alexa rank, with an average 1,200 visits a day, by mid-November. Earlier, my typical traffic through mid-January 2012 was 1 to 12 visits a day.

Quite simply, blogging works! Google loves sending traffic to sites with fresh content.

By the way, that first spike you see (October 16 – 2,033 visits) was due to my post on Facebook emoticons. That graphic was pinned over 1,000 times in a week! It broke the Pinterest counter after a few weeks, so all I know is it had over 2,000 pins :)

The next spike (November 8 – 1,891 visits) was an influx of traffic from Facebook on a post about sharing photos on Facebook. Someone with a large fan base must have promoted that post on Facebook, as it got 784 views from Facebook in one day, and it normally takes me weeks to get that much traffic from Facebook!

My traffic held steady through December, which I did not expect. I feel I’m poised for great things in 2013!

What about you?

How often do you check your traffic stats? Have you ever done a website traffic report?

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  1. says

    Hi Louise – great to know about you! I have had a website with weebly for a little over a year and will be transferring to WordPress this year, first quarter. The one thing that I am sad about is losing all my prior blog postings. How did you handle your transition to WordPress? Did you have a blog postings that you brought over? Maybe a dumb question, but I have to ask. Thanks I appreciate it!

    • says

      Hi Pam, it’s actually a GREAT question. I didn’t have a blog before, so I don’t have any experience with the transition. I’d google it though. I would definitely want all my content on my new site, but you have to be careful of duplicate content. You might need to delete the old site for a time before adding the articles to a new one – I have no idea the best way to go about this!

      Best of luck with your new site!

    • says

      Pam, there are ways to import content into a WordPress website. I’m not familiar with weebly but google “importing content into WordPress” and you might find a way that will work for you.

  2. says


    This is what I posted on my FB page after reading this article:

    “Lulu, you’re an inspiration to bloggers! And I know I can count on your info being accurate, not hyped. Thanks. I’m glad to count you among the “Real” bloggers I can trust!”

    (And a friend, as well :-))



  3. says

    great post Louise, i recently moved from blogger to word-press. I found that i didn’t really blog much although i had one there, i rarely got any interaction so i figured what i was writing perhaps wasn’t worth it, until i changed to word-press WOW now i love to blog and i’m finding my view’s are much better, and people interact a lot more. :)

  4. says

    I know blogging is a great way to boost traffic. One of the great things about this challenge is that it’ll set the tone for 2013 for me & I’d like to keep up with blogging something everyday.

  5. says

    That totally rocks! I am not surprised at all because you post very quality content on your site. Plus you are great about promoting it.

    I’d love to know in April and July where you had spikes – what attributed to the spikes? I’m thinking there was some other great strategy you had before the Emoticons article.

    • says

      Hi Malla!
      That first big bump above “April” is actually the last 4 days of March, right before Timeline for Facebook pages became compulsory. I already had several articles about setting it up, and they were getting lots of traffic then!

      There’s another 4-week bump from mid-May to early June. I really can’t say why, maybe people trying to get Facebook pages in order before summer vacations. It was mostly the Fan Page posts I’d written in March that were getting the traffic.

      You can also see how my traffic consistently drops every weekend!

  6. says

    I think this is a great post that really lets people know what it possible. It is also great motivation for us doing the 31 day challenge the difference blogging can make to your site traffic!!

  7. says

    I still have never figured out traffic! I always stagnate at just 1,000 visitors a month and been blogging for over a year. As you can see, I’m not a very ‘popular’ blogger.. but now this ultimate blog challenge has got me my biggest traffic days to date. I consider it a good day when my site has 200 visitors a day. 😀 Have to start somewhere I guess…

  8. Crystal says

    That’s so exciting that things picked up for you so quickly. I’ve been blogging for almost a year an am lucky to get 15 views a day. Hoping this challenges ‘boosts’ that!!

  9. says

    Hello Louise!

    I’m here from UBC and love this post. Very encouraging! I just wonder how to get those fantastic numbers on posts about skin care and aging. :-) My blog is new though. Published about 40 days ago.

    All the best for the challenge!

  10. says

    I will be honest; I have never done a full traffic report on any of my blogs or (former) sites. But I do know from the basic minimum report that Blogger has that people really like cat pictures (which is my number traffic drawer).

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