How to Turn Off Facebook Message Seen At Time

How to Turn Off Facebook Message Seen At TimeYou can turn off Facebook message “Seen” time!

I’m thrilled to bring you this bit of info, and implement it myself.

We’re busy people, and we can’t always respond to Facebook messages immediately. This could cause the other party to wonder why they’re not important enough to get a reply.

Whether it’s a business associate or a friend, you probably don’t want that to happen.

If you have your browser open on your desktop and aren’t even in the building, I suspect your messager will get the “Seen at time” notice, and wonder when you’ll respond.

Let’s fix that right now. [pinit]

How to Turn Off Facebook Message Seen At Time

Turn off this feature by installing Chat Undetected, a handy extension for Chrome and Firefox.

If you’re using another browser, you might switch to Chrome or Firefox for Facebook use. There isn’t an extension at this time for the Facebook mobile app – the message seen time will still be visible to the other party when you view a message via mobile.

  • To download the extension, click here.
  • Follow the simple instructions to install it.
  • Restart your browser if required.

Now, even if you see the messages, your friend won’t be notified of the seen at time. However, you will continue to receive the seen feature when your friends see your messages.

I hope this info is as much of a relief to you as it was to me. If you know someone who’d like to turn off Facebook message seen, please share this post!

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