Get More Fans! Add your Facebook Fan Page to your Profile

Get More Traffic to your Facebook Fan PageWant more traffic to your Facebook Fan Page?

Add your Facebook Fan Page to your personal profile.

It’ll be visible not only when people visit your profile, but also when they hover your name anywhere it appears on Facebook. And, people can click the link right in the hovercard to visit your Fan Page.

Add your Facebook Fan Page to your Personal Profile!So don’t leave people guessing what you do – let them know – AND add a call to action to visit your Fan Page! Don’t miss this opportunity to get Page visitors, and potential new Fans.

Take advantage of this quick and easy tweak you can do in a few minutes. Continue Reading

10 Tips to Get Facebook Fans and Business Prospects with Facebook Ads [pinfographic]

10 Tips to Get Facebook Fans & Business Prospects with Facebook AdsWant to know how to get Facebook Fans? You should – statistics show that 51% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or brand after Liking them on Facebook.* The cool thing about getting Facebook Fans with Facebook Ads is how carefully you can target your ads to your best business prospects. B2B companies – did you know you can even target by job titles or company names? An impressive stat: for online targeted marketing, Facebook reaches its intended audience 90% of the time, vs. an online industry standard of 35%.* Continue Reading