• 64% of Twitter users and 51% of Facebook users are more likely to buy from brands they follow online.
  • 50% of shoppers have made a purchase based on a recommendation on a social media network.
  • 90% of small business owners agree that “Social media marketing is important for my business.”

But to win this game, you’ve got to play consistently. 

If your social media posting is a bit “hit or miss,” let me help you “up” your game.

For just 50¢ a day!

Know What to Post to Attract Leads Daily!

Your Social Media Content Planner has everything you need to plan a successful season!

With your Social Media Content Planner,
you'll know what, where, and when to post on social media,
to attract leads to your business every day.

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No More Scrambling for Social Media Post Ideas!

Ever come to the end of the day, low on creative energy, and wracking your brain for an idea of what to post?

Hey – I’ve been there!

Evenings are actually a great time to post on social, but not the best time to be scrambling for an idea!

What if you had fresh ideas at the ready – each and every day?

In an easy format to reference… AND to plan ahead in!

Plan not just your social, apart from your business… but AS A PART of marketing that supports your business!

Don't scramble for social media post ideas! Find inspiration daily in your Social Media Content Planner.

The BEST Social Media Content Planner


Everything you need to plan a successful month – and to follow through on it daily.

Set a Plan for Your Business & Watch It Grow

Social Media Content Planner has everything you need to plan a successful season!

With your Social Media Content Planner,
you'll know what, where, and when to post on social media,
to attract leads to your business every day.

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  • Tal Shahar, Paint Life Happy
    This planner rocks!!! I love it so much, it's beautiful, easy to use and full of wonderful ideas that made it so easy for me to plan. It makes life so much easier.
    Tal Shahar, Paint Life Happy
  • Amanda Magee, The Purrrdy Panda
    Whether you're a beginner or a professional, you won't struggle with inspiration once you get this planner. And I'm much more organized with this book to reference!!
    Amanda Magee, The Purrrdy Panda
  • Angelina Werner
    This planner is incredible! My mouth was hanging open while I was flipping through the pages. I've been looking for planners to help me schedule my blog and social media posts, and most of them are great but this one tops them all! It already comes with so many ideas to build upon and I still can't believe how much time this is going to save me! It comes with special holidays, quotes, hashtags - I absolutely love it!
    Angelina Werner

What's Inside Your Social Media Planner?


Check out the pages pictured above and described below.

A page to brainstorm your business goals each month.

Monthly themes and calendars to plot the big picture.

A page each month to review what worked and what you can improve.

Daily pages with business / promotional plus fun / engaging social post ideas every day.

Daily checklist to mark where and what you want to post that day.

Monthly and daily seasonal holidays, with ideas on what to post.

20 or more colorful Planning pages each month – AND get the same pages in a low-ink version!

Right-click here to download a 1-page sample.

BONUS! 32-page Strategy Workbook with your purchase
to ensure you're posting the right stuff to meet your business goals!

This valuable workbook will help you:

  • Define your audience, brand, and goals.
  • Plot your business promotions for the year and quarters.
  • Understand the content types and how they fit in your strategy.
  • Track your subscribers, followers, and sales growth.

Instant download! Print out your Planner PDF and plot your course for the month.

150+ social media post ideas each month.

So you'll always find one that supports your business goals!

Daily Ideas – And a Plan to Implement Them!

Social Media Content Planner has everything you need to plan a successful season!

With your Social Media Content Planner,
you'll know what, where, and when to post on social media,
to attract leads to your business every day.

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Who Am I to Tell You What to Post?

Hi! I'm Louise Myers, graphic design expert, and owner of LouiseM.com, a top-ranked blog on visual social media.

When I started my blog a few years ago, I knew zip about social media. Followers – is that like stalkers?

Within a couple years of opening my social media accounts, I had acquired thousands of followers. I've built and maintained a Klout score in the 70s, and am ranked in the 99.9 percentile of influencers in over a dozen social media, blogging, and design categories.

How'd I do it? Well, I didn’t use any software, VAs, or hours of targeting people, reaching out, following etc. (Little secret here, I’m the world’s biggest introvert, and I hate that stuff).

I did one thing: I posted consistently.

This is the hardest thing for small business owners! And yet, it’s the one thing that will get your business in front of prospects – pretty much for free (I’ve never spent a dime).

As a fellow creative soul, I understand that you often fly by the seat of the pants when it comes to running your business.

I also know this can lead to a feeling of overwhelm: so much to do, no plan to get it done.

SO: Make a plan and get it done!

Now Available for Instant Download!

Available by convenient monthly subscription: $15 per month.

One issue is available to download during each calendar month,
PLUS you get the Strategy Workbook at no extra charge!

Sign up today and get immediate access to the September 2021 Planner.

October 2021 issue will be available in your dashboard on September 1.

Need to plan further ahead? See the FAQ section below.

Next issue is available in your member area on the first of the month.

You'll be billed again in 30 days, or can easily cancel in your member area.

Should You Buy the Social Media Planner?

This Social Media Planner is a boon for small business owners!

But it may not be for you…

This is for YOU if:

You have at least one: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

You struggle with ideas for what to post OR…

You need to organize the post ideas you do have.

You want to save time and be more productive.

You like to be creative with your marketing.

You'd love to engage your social media audience.

You can print out and write in a Planner :)

This might NOT be for you if:

You DON'T want to print and write in a Planner.

You haven't set up any social media accounts.

You have no idea where to start with social media.

You can't spare 2 hours/wk to market your business.

You're locked into a "corporate" marketing style.

OR... You have more post ideas than you can use.

You love the system you have now for post ideas.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is this helpful if I’m just getting started on social media?

This Planner is going to help you most if you already have an account and know how to post to Facebook, Instagram OR Twitter. It won’t cover things like how to set up your accounts. What you will find are numerous ideas to inspire your content creation!

I’m not U.S.-based. Will this be helpful to me?

Many (but not all) of the holidays included are “National” (U.S.) holidays. If you’re a local business outside of the U.S., this Planner will still help you plan your content and promotions, but you may not use as many of the holiday ideas.

If you sell globally to an English-speaking audience, then the majority of your audience likely resides in the U.S., so I do recommend you mix fun holidays into your promotions and posts!

Who uses silly holidays in their marketing? I don’t get it.

Have you heard of Kim Garst? She built up a social following of ONE MILLION with funny social posts! Not to mention a huge, successful business.

Is there a fillable, digital version?

The Planner is a printable PDF download in 8.5 x 11” size. I recommend you save each month’s pages in a 3-ring binder. Due to the number of pages, checkboxes, and other elements in the Planner, unfortunately I can't offer a digital version.

Can I get issues more than a month in advance?

Yes! Sign up for the “Month After Next Month” subscription. In this case, if you sign up in March, you have instant access to May issue. During the month of April, you'd have June. And so on!

Will I get the previous months too?

No, the subscription has one issue to download each month. Beginning of the month? You can purchase the Current Month as a single issue from the 1st–20th of the month here.

Can I buy the full year planner?

Absolutely! The Planner for the full year is available from November through February. At other times, you can subscribe monthly. You'll be sure to hear when the next year Planner becomes available!


money-back-guaranteeNot sure? If you haven't purchased my Planner before, I understand. I believe it's an awesome tool for building your business through social media. But I want you to feel the same way! Right-click here to download a 1-page sample.

I offer a 7-day risk-free trial. Purchase a month and check it out. If it's not right for you, let me know why, and your purchase price will be refunded.

One refund per customer. Sorry, no refunds on full-year Planner.

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Your Social Media Planner has everything you need to plan a successful season!

Still Have Questions? Reach Out!

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