Get Retweets! Top 10 Tips to Rock the Retweet [infographic]

Which tweets get retweets?

Is there a best length, time, or style of tweet that will get more retweets?

These questions and more are answered on this infographic from QuickSprout.

Get Retweets! Top 10 Tips to Rock the Retweet [infographic]

The top tricks to rock the retweet:

  • Use 71-100 characters to leave room for RT @username and a comment.
  • Tweet links.
  • Include a hashtag or two.
  • Participate in #ff #followfriday.
  • Ask for the retweet!
  • Tweet between noon and 2pm for your followers.
  • Tweet on Fridays.
  • Avoid saying “I” or “me.”
  • Tweet News, How-to’s, and Fun.
  • Tweet about Twitter!

Bonus tips not included on the infographic:

13 tips to increase your retweets! Pin the infographic, and give this post a tweet if you found it useful. Let me know if you get retweets!

get retweets infographic

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