12 Blog Challenge Benefits Beyond the Blog

12 Blog Challenge Benefits Beyond the BlogHave you taken a blog challenge? Or are thinking about it?

There are various blog challenges to take, with different requirements and goals. I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge, where participants commit to blogging daily for a full month. Yesterday we looked at the benefits of blogging daily. But there are benefits from a blog challenge beyond those for your website.

12 Blog Challenge Benefits Beyond the Blog

  1. Developing a daily habit of writing.
  2. Finding your blogging “voice.”
  3. Honing a skill: writing faster and better.
  4. Finding your niche by learning what your readers appreciate most.
  5. Discovering topics for ongoing series.
  6. Stretching yourself and feeling good about completing a goal.
  7. Connecting with other bloggers for support, comments, and sharing over social networks.
  8. Widening your own online social network.
  9. Finding potential joint ventures, guest bloggers, friends, and clients.
  10. Adding content to raise your website’s visibility in the search engines.
  11. Producing content to repurpose into books, freebies, webinars, infographics, and more.
  12. Getting great ideas for more blog posts.

I admit – the last item was my top item for joining the Ultimate Blog Challenge! Michelle Shaeffer is a successful business blogger who shares a motherlode of ideas about blogging, and blog post topics, during the “UBC.” I wanted to virtually “pick her brain” a bit!

You’ll also find topic ideas from reading other challenge members’ blogs. What’s your take on a subject?

And, I’ve already made some great friends and supporters, and gotten one idea for an ongoing series: website traffic report. Readers found my first traffic report inspirational, encouraging me to post one monthly, or at least quarterly.

I still have concerns about blogging too much, but – I’m finding that scheduling one day of the week to write my main post(s) for the week may be the most efficient for me. Scheduling / planning was an issue for me last year. I no longer want to be writing on Thursday night in order to have a post to go out in my Friday blog broadcast!

You may find that writing for a specific amount of time daily works best to complete your blogging goals. Take a blog challenge and learn what works for you!

Will You Take a Blog Challenge?

What do you think? If you’ve taken a blog challenge, please share your experience! Even if you haven’t, what do you think of the blog challenge benefits?

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About Louise Myers

Louise Myers is a graphic design expert whose designs have been featured by Disney, Macy's, WalMart and more. Her straightforward writing style empowers small business owners to make their own graphics for social media success! Follow Louise on Twitter: @Louise_Myers
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10 Responses to 12 Blog Challenge Benefits Beyond the Blog

  1. Stacey Myers

    I am learning quite a lot from doing this blog challenge. One thing is that I really love to post information that is going to help someone achieve something – a how to resource, or a great plugin, things like that. I am a born teacher and it is what I love to do.

    I also, do not want to be writing these last minute blog posts each week. I think I am going to go for 2 posts per week. One from me and the other will be my weekly podcast show.
    Stacey Myers recently posted..Do You Struggle to Write Great Headlines?My Profile

  2. The benefits have been huge for me. All of the above plus I am challenging myself to learn a new skill, and in just 10 days I have learnt so much and increased my knowledge. Plus, I have quickly created a system to help me stay on track and will have content to share for the rest of the year through other mediums. It has also given me the confidence to keep on blogging and share more with other small business owners, likely to be on a weekly basis.
    Michelle Nichols recently posted..My 7 Tips to Proofread Your Own DocumentMy Profile

  3. Sarah

    I’ve taken away so much from doing the blog challenge, i was hesitant at first but now i am actually doing it it’s great fun, i’ve made wonderful friendships thru it and heaps of support, I’ve learned so much alone just by reading your blog daily..

    i do think tho that once it’s finished, 2-3 times a week will be plentiful unless i have some super extraordinary desire to do more lol.
    Sarah recently posted..When you get into a tight place, never give up…My Profile

  4. Julie Myers

    Numbers 1, 4, 7 and 10 were the primary reasons for signing up for the blog challenge. Like everyone else, I’ve learned a lot and have made some really great contacts (such as yourself!). I’m finding what I’m comfortable with from a frequency standpoint and I’m finding what topics seem to be resonating. Once again, great post Louise!
    Julie Myers recently posted..Content Success Summit 2013 … Learning from the BestMy Profile

  5. Toni Nelson

    I’m really loving the blog challenge especiall for point one in your benefits. It is getting to be a habit and that’s a good thing! It also keeps your creative juices flowing!
    Toni Nelson recently posted..5 Things You Need To Start A BusinessMy Profile

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