Questions about Social Media Graphics?

Need more information about social media graphics?

Check what’s available on the resources page, or search the blog (search bar is at lower right).

Social media questions?

If you have a question on a blog post, please leave it in that page’s comments, and I’ll answer on the blog if I have more info for you.

NOTE: I am not currently in contact with Mark Zuckerberg, so I can’t get your Facebook Page Name or URL changed if you don’t have the option as an Admin. Nor can I fix your Instagram comment block. Read the blog posts thoroughly – that’s all the info I have. I’m not holding back any secrets!

Due to the volume of mail, I regret that I can’t answer questions sent via this form or by email. I’ll take your question into consideration for a future blog post, but unfortunately I can’t respond individually.

Requests to Share Your Infographic

I welcome your infographics submissions for posting on I will reply when and if I post it. My blogging schedule is fairly full, so it could be weeks or months before that happens. Please do not continue to contact me in the interim.

Advertising on

I’m not currently accepting advertising. I will file your email and contact you if this changes. Do not continue to contact me – I will contact you if I’m interested.

Need graphic design work done?

For budgets under $500, I highly recommend Hugh Briss at Social Identities. Check out his site – prices are clearly listed, and you can see samples of his work. If you use my link, I’ll get a small referral fee. Check it out!

If you have a larger project, contact me via the form below. Note that my minimum fee is $500. Please view my portfolio and client list to see the type of work I do.

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