About Louise Myers, Social Media Graphics, and YOU!

Louise MyersGraphic design expert Louise Myers has turned her talents to bringing YOU the hottest news, tips, and tutorials for social media graphics! An accomplished freelance graphic designer for 3 decades, Louise’s work has been featured at companies like Disney, Macy’s, and WalMart.

In early 2012, Louise discovered a knack for teaching the small business owner to create a great-looking Facebook Fan Page on a shoestring. Her fledgling blog was abuzz with traffic, and quickly reached an Alexa rank with the top 100,000 websites in the world, while her ebook reached bestseller status on Amazon!

Her latest Kindle book, updated for 2014, is Marketing with Facebook Fan Page Cover Photos, available on Amazon.

Our world is increasingly relying on quick ways to share an abundance of information. Graphics, photos, and other visuals are exploding on social media! And YOUR customers and prospects are WAITING to share great visual content from YOUR business! That’s free advertising for your biz on Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

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