How Facebook EdgeRank Works for Batman’s Fan Page

Want to know how Facebook EdgeRank works for Batman’s Fan Page?

OK, you’re not Batman. But you do have a Facebook Fan Page.

And you do need to beat the dreaded EdgeRank.

This is just a clever way to illustrate how Facebook EdgeRank works with some of our favorite Gotham residents, like Batman, Robin, and the Joker. I think you’ll like it! Continue Reading

Facebook EdgeRank Explained [infographic]

Do you know about Facebook EdgeRank?

It’s the algorithm that determines which fans see your Facebook Page posts.

I admit, some days it drives me crazy.

I can have one post that’s seen by thousands, and another by barely a hundred. (Currently I have 762 fans of my Facebook Page).

Now, you probably think ALL your fans should see your posts, but considering the amount of posting on Facebook, that’s just not possible. So the EdgeRank algorithm determines which posts are seen by whom – assuming they’re online at or near the time Facebook places the posts in their news feeds.Continue Reading