Website Traffic Report: February 2013

Website Traffic Report: February 2013The website traffic report for February isn’t as upbeat as January’s – but still interesting!

My traffic is trending down slightly, which could be attributed to:

  • New Year’s resolutions to build a Facebook Page have been completed or forgotten.
  • Changes in my site due to my rebranding have confused or annoyed Google.
  • I haven’t written a home-run tutorial post.

My traffic is still above December. You can get the big picture in this 3 month snapshot from my Google Analytics. The peak is January 2.[pinit]

Website Traffic Report: 3 Months Ending February 2013

Website Traffic Report: February 2013’s Top Posts

Best Facebook Photo Sizes remains far in the lead for February, with 15,470 pageviews. This is an average of 552.5 views a day, down from 675 per day in January.

The Facebook emoticons list post, which was such a rogue runaway in January, has calmed down. As February’s #3 post, it’s switched places yet is still almost tied with Free Watermark Software & Sites.

The top February-published posts were Social Media Cheat Sheet and Best Profile Picture for Facebook, at #17 and 18. The only other post from 2013 in the top 20 is January’s Top 10 EASY Ways to Make Picture Quotes at #15. The posts that are drawing most of the traffic are Spring and Summer 2012’s posts about setting up Facebook Timeline for Pages. I believe I got ranked highly for those since the content was fairly unique and highly valued at the time. Google continues to see those posts as authoritative.

While my traffic has dropped slightly, my Alexa rank has continued to climb, from 77,727 on January 31, to 71,366 on February 28.

Overall, I’m excited about the direction my business is taking, as I devote more time to creating in-depth training for social media graphics. I’m already working on a picture quotes training that can really help you get in on viral sharing for your business.

I hope this info about what’s working on my site helps you to set your own blogging strategy! As always, I thank you for your support. Stay tuned for next month’s website traffic report!

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  1. says

    Hi Louise, firstly thanks for sharing your traffic report. To me it’s inspiring as I too would love to get to where you’re at. I see your Alexa traffic rank has dropped even further, good on you. Can you remember back when you first started blogging – did you find viewers were responding and commenting to your blogs instantly? I seem to have a tough time with people wanting to comments on my website and wondered what the secret is? Perhaps my content is terrible so they read and leave. I would love to know if you would like to share any insights on this subject. Thank you in advance. From a big fan, Kellie.

    • says

      Hi Kellie! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it.

      I’ll take a look at your blog and try to make time to write a post about getting comments.

      Off the top of my head, I’d say the most helpful thing for new bloggers is to join a group where members comment on each others’ blogs. There seem to be a number of these on Facebook – or you could start your own!

      Best of luck!

  2. says

    Hey Jack,
    I highly recommend going with a self-hosted WordPress site. The software is free, but you need to pay a little for your domain name and hosting. Gives you so much more flexibility though!

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