One Foolproof Way to Increase Alexa Rank

One Foolproof Way to Increase Alexa RankLooking to increase Alexa rank?

In my experience – there’s ONE thing that’ll boost your Alexa rank.

I did it on one of my blogs, and cut my rank by half virtually overnight. I went from 9,400,361 to 4,732,781 in 2 days.

The top-ranked sites are Google at #1, and Facebook at Alexa rank 2. Low numbers are better.

Here’s what I discovered: your Alexa rank isn’t totally based on traffic, as Alexa tells you.

The global traffic rank is a measure of how a website is doing relative to all other sites on the web over the past 3 months. source

What worked for me? Fresh content. My Alexa rank at has steadily risen to around 53,000 – even though my traffic has tapered off since my highest traffic month of January, 2013.

One Foolproof Way to Increase Alexa Rank

My web traffic from January 1 through May 13, 2013. My Alexa rank rose from 86,505 to under 53,000 as my site traffic dropped.

I had 2 abandoned blogs that I discovered were still pulling in steady traffic, even though I hadn’t posted on them in 6 months. Their Alexa rank had suffered, though.

I decided to try to keep them alive by posting once monthly. The first post increased Alexa rank on the yoga site from 2.2M to 1.8M. That site already had 140 posts. But, which only had 17 posts, saw the dramatic rise noted above, with one new post: from 9,400,361 to 4,732,781.

Those new posts didn’t increase traffic dramatically – just the Alexa rank.

What does this mean to you? Get blogging if you want to increase Alexa rank! Let me know if you try it.

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  1. says

    Nice article about Alexa rankings. I used to pay more attention to mine, but I’m not so sure it matters as much any more. One way to pull up your rank is to have people recommend your site. It works, but without fresh content, not very well! You are on the money about the fresh content.

    • says

      Totally agree, Martha. I don’t think the Alexa rank matters a lot unless you plan to sell a site – except for “bragging rights” 😉

      It is nice to be in the top 100,000 to see what Alexa makes of your stats, and how you compare with others.

  2. says

    I have a new blog which I have been updating every week for the past five weeks. I’ll keep an eye on how Alexa rank varies. As I am just starting out I have low traffic but the fresh weekly content may impact. I’ll just have to see!

    • says

      Best of luck, Lee! Fresh content is just best for everything. It takes time, but as I saw on my other sites, time without fresh content has an adverse effect!

  3. says

    @Louise Myers
    You are absolutely right… And i loved the last line.
    I have been regularly posting content to my website and its alexa rank is 84,000 but traffic is no more than 20k unique visitors.
    Alexa does not matter anyway. If you get good traffic Alexa will automatically start rising. Actually there is one thing more… Alexa mainly counts the visits of page views of any url opened through Alexa toolbar so you would get more alexa rank if you have a community who have installed alexa toolbar.

    This is the reason why entertainment blogs get such a huge traffic and there alexa rank is low but i have seen some blogging blogs which don’t even get 10k visitors per month but they still get a really low alexa rank.

    • says

      So true – on all counts! I don’t think Alexa rank really matters unless you plan to sell your site. It’s just an interesting number to watch that (as you say) isn’t completely accurate anyway.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  4. says

    very good article, I have no doubt but this article is explained everything I could have hoped. Thanks again for such a good article.

  5. LKN says

    Good article. Alexa rank improves if the post has more shares on social media. I have seen a big spike in rank when I share an article in FB, even though the traffic was less after sharing. Looks like Alexa is counting social likes too.

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