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    Hi Louise, Most people are fascinated by having a high Google Page Rank and there is some merit to it. But I tell people not to get discouraged if their rank is low. It can take a few months of building up content before Google starts to recognize your authority.

    With that being said, I have 2 different Chrome extensions I use to check page rank. The SEO Site Tools extension shows page rank on any site and there’s another one called Page Rank Status that does the same thing. They both show Alexa Rank too but you need to click them in order to get more detailed reports.

    Thanks for the post Louise!

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    Hi Louise – thanks for this – I didn’t even know about Google’s page rank until now. I’ve been focusing on the Alexa page rank – gone from 21 mil to 6 mil in two weeks – but now I’ve gotta focus on Google’s? When does one have time to do all this? Thanks again for posting Louise.

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      Hi Kellie,
      Same things should work to improve both ranks.

      But in the end, what we really want is traffic – the good ranking is just a bonus. Congrats on improving your Alexa rank!

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    First time to your site and will definitely bookmark – some really good info and I think graphics are such a great way of explaining ~ Thanks!

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    Of all the things related to SEO this is probably one of the least important things yet people lament over it so much. There are tons of pages with low PR on the internet that outrank those that have good PR.

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    Thanks for your help. My pages ranked 2/10 and 3/10. I’ll be paying attention to you tips and posts. Thank you!

    Facebook pages are: Ravenheart Farms and Raven Horse Wisdom Life Coaching

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    Hi. These are great tips. My website is brand new, only a month old, but I will definitely be putting these suggestions into action. In fact I have already done some of them. I am very new to the world of running a website and know very little about SEO but I am actively learning. As yet my site has not been ranked, but I’ve been posting a blog post and/or a new article every few days at least and I’ve had some friends pay the site a visit. Thanks for the advice!

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