Facebook Timeline Cover Photo: Size, FREE Template, Ideas

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo: Size, Template, IdeasHow’s your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo?

Do you have a splashy branded image at the top of your Facebook Fan Page that really represents your business?

Below, find some ideas to get you started, and a FREE .jpg template!

Note: This post was originally published on March 3, 2012, and updated on March 11, 2014, with new info, new template, and links to posts with even more Cover Photo ideas. Enjoy!

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo: Size, FREE Template, & Ideas

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo: Size, Ideas, Template

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Size

The first thing you need to know is that the Facebook Timeline cover photo size is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels deep.

It’s OK to upload a larger image – Facebook will allow you to move it around in the window to get the cropping you desire. But you don’t want to upload a smaller image, because it’ll get fuzzy and funky looking when Facebook enlarges it to fill the space.

Best of all is to design something to the exact dimensions. You can add type or superimpose smaller images. Keep it simple though – think of it like a billboard. Grab the viewer’s attention fast, and make them want to hang out on your page (and Like it!).

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo: Size, Ideas, Template

Before we go further, you should be aware of the Facebook cover photo rules. Here’s what’s current as of March 2014, but they do change from time to time, so check the source:

All covers are public. This means that anyone who visits your Page will be able to see your cover. Covers can’t be deceptive, misleading, or infringe on anyone else’s copyright. You may not encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines. (source, see section III B)

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo: Size, Ideas, Template

Facebook Timeline FREE Cover Photo Template

I have a super simple .jpg Cover Photo template for you. It’ll remind you to set up your image size at 851px x 315px, and be aware of where the profile picture overlaps, so you don’t hide something of importance. If you’d like my .jpg template showing the Facebook Profile Picture positioning and ALL measurements, just click here to download.

For instructions on making your Cover Photo in Powerpoint, and a free template, click here. This will open in a new tab, so you can finish the rest of this article afterwards. I’ll wait for you here! :-)

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo: Size, Ideas, Template

Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Ideas

I hope the Facebook Timeline Cover Photo samples I’ve created, and shown you here, give you some ideas. My recommendation is to keep it simple and splashy.

For more simple ideas, check out these 9 Easy Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Ideas for Small Business you can create in an hour or less. My readers made these!

Keep improving and testing your Fan Page Timeline Cover with yet more ideas: 13 New Facebook Fan Page Cover Photo Ideas.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on finding a great photo for $15, then creating your Cover Photo on pixlr.com.

When you’re ready to collect leads from Facebook, you’ll want to learn how to create a Cover Photo that gets leads. Eight more ideas there!

Show Off Your New Facebook Timeline Cover Photo!

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  1. says

    Hi Louise,
    Could you make the images in this post clickable to see the pages live?
    I’ll be working on mine tomorrow. My FB page isn’t a TimeLine format yet, should I wait for FB to switch it, or can we change it ourselves?

  2. says

    Hi Louise, Thanks for the great article! Helped me perfect my cover photo. :-) Question: Do you happen to know why the images I’m uploading into various albums on my timeline look blurry? They were fine in the old Facebook format, but it’s like the timeline is stretching them out somehow. Have you had this problem? Any ideas? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Emily, I’m glad to hear this was helpful! I did notice when I uploaded a cover photo to my personal profile that wasn’t exactly the right size, it did get weirdly stretched to fit. It’s strange that it would do that to your albums, but I had a ridiculous time trying to upload a cover photo on Saturday, so maybe some bugs are still being worked out! If I find out anything I’ll post here.

  3. Kris says

    I find it very annoying that Facebook scrolls up the page a little (the height of the blue bar on top), which cuts off a part of the cover photo.
    Most cover photos now look stupid because you don’t see the entire photo.

    • says

      One other person told me this happened, then couldn’t be replicated. I’ve never seen this myself. Perhaps a browser issue, or just one of MANY glitches Facebook has had in the past 6 weeks.

      • Kris says

        I’ve never seen otherwise, always seen that the page would scroll up a little.
        But it makes sense if this does not happen for everyone. I was wondering why no-one seemed to care about that and was putting up covers that were cut off. I designed mine specific to avoid this issue (just added some extra space at the top).

        Not sure how to track this one down, I have this issue on all browsers I’m trying, also tried on different computers :(

        • says

          Really weird. I did try to Google this issue when it was first brought up and couldn’t find anything about it. Then the person who brought it up said it didn’t happen again. Quite strange.

          • Kris says

            I can send you screenshots or other info if you like. I’m using IE9 and FF11 on Windows 7 Ultimate (Dutch version) with SP1. I see it on both normal user profiles and fan pages.

            If you google on “facebook timeline cover image cuts off” you’ll find other blogs where users are mentioning this in the replies, but without any solution or reason why this is happening.

    • Rod says

      @Kris This is a real issue and still has not been fixed after all these months. I’m guessing by now that it intentional, but I can’t imagine a really good reason. My experimentation in IE, Safari, Firefox and Chrome shows that this happens on every facebook page I viewed on 3 different Windows 7 PCs. On my MacBook Air and Pro, this happens on all personal pages other than my own, but not all on fan pages. Very annoying!

      • says

        When I updated my OS & browser, I had this occur too. I did ask about it on Mari Smith’s months ago and was told it’s the default. Maybe because new visitors will see more of your Timeline? But it seems pretty dumb, since the reason for the cover photo is to show off your branding!

  4. Beverly says

    HI!–I’m trying to upload a new pic to my cover–FB won’t give me the option–it just looks like it is still searching—I’ve been able to change it twice–with the drop down menu under change cover–but it seems very sporatic that you can change it—Is this still a glitch with FB???

    • says

      Hi Beverly!
      Try uploading it to your photos first and then “Change Cover… Choose from Photos…”
      I had to do that for a while, tho mine has worked fine the last couple times.
      Good luck!

  5. says

    hi there

    I am wondering why my picture keeps stretching if I am using a high res picture but making sure to use 851 x 315pixels.. I have used a few diff programs and they all get stretched

    what am I doing wrong?

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