10 Responses to How to Schedule Tweets Around the Clock!

  1. The one thing I really love about using HootSuite Pro is that I can have several of my clients’ streams up at the same time and I can also schedule different tweets to go out at different times for the different clients, whew!
    I also schedule their LI updates to not only their profiles, but to their company pages. Google+, the same…and on and on.

    A Very Cool Tool!
    Christine Buffaloe recently posted..Serenity VA Tweets of the Week—How We Use AWeber For Our ClientsMy Profile

  2. Louise, this is such a valuable tip! Someone I met at a conference a year ago told me about this, and I couldn’t remember the name of the program she used. Love your content on Social Buzz Club and share it regularly!
    Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound recently posted..7 reasons the media want your helpful, how-to tips listsMy Profile

  3. Cristina Piva

    Great post. I love that you share how you organize your files by content type– and I loved the odd-and-even-hour posts idea. Always find shareable pearls on your site!

  4. Lynne

    Thanks for the tip! I am not familiar with HootSuite and will definitely go over how it can help me with my tweets. I definitely need some help and your post did just that. Thanks again.

  5. Sebastian

    Is there an option to to schedule individual tweets right now? With twitter, without having to use a program?
    Sebastian recently posted..Oct 26My Profile

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