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  1. says

    The one thing I really love about using HootSuite Pro is that I can have several of my clients’ streams up at the same time and I can also schedule different tweets to go out at different times for the different clients, whew!
    I also schedule their LI updates to not only their profiles, but to their company pages. Google+, the same…and on and on.

    A Very Cool Tool!

  2. Cristina Piva says

    Great post. I love that you share how you organize your files by content type– and I loved the odd-and-even-hour posts idea. Always find shareable pearls on your site!

  3. says

    Thanks for the tip! I am not familiar with HootSuite and will definitely go over how it can help me with my tweets. I definitely need some help and your post did just that. Thanks again.

  4. says

    What a nice read Louise! I love reading posts like this to help me improve my skills. The tips in using HootSuite is awesome, I will definitely use this!
    More power!

    Prabhu Tharmarajan

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