Best Picture Quotes: How to Use FREE Public Domain Art

Best Picture Quotes with FREE Public Domain Art

Making picture quotes?

Then you know it can get time-consuming and/or expensive to continually come up with great backgrounds.

Good news! There’s a source of awesome art you can use: FREE Public Domain Art.

Old Masters art is one category that generally falls in the public domain. I don’t know about you, but I can’t hold a palette knife to these guys! I’m thrilled to be able to use their works, when appropriate. I like putting together picture quotes for artist birthdays, and of course, their artwork is the perfect background.Continue Reading

Best Picture Quotes #4: Using Royalty Free Art

Best Picture Quotes #4: Using Royalty Free ArtMake the Best Picture Quotes with Royalty Free Art

Often the fastest way to find images for picture quotes, blogs, and more, is to use royalty free art.

Why? Since you pay a small fee, the search tools are generally much better than those for free art.

If you have something specific in mind, you’re more likely to find something suitable, and find it more quickly, if you use a paid site.

I bought the eye-catching image for this picture quote on Fotolia for one credit. If you buy the smallest pack of credits – 10 credits for $14 – that’s only $1.40 for this XS image. Continue Reading