Improve Your Google Ranking in Search: Infographic

Want to improve your Google ranking in search? Check this infographic, the result of a study of over 10,000 keywords. Learn and implement!

Want to improve your Google ranking in search?

Being found via search is crucial – it gets your content in front of people actively looking for what you offer!

Google is always tweaking what they prefer – or penalize – to determine where your web pages will appear in the search rankings. We’ve seen some BIG changes over time.

Don Crowther has done the tough work of teasing out the latest research, and compiling it on a comprehensive infographic. Now it’s up to you to learn and implement! Continue Reading

How to Name Images for SEO in Seconds

How to Name Images for SEO in SecondsWant to know how to name images for SEO?

Naming images for SEO will improve your search engine rankings and website traffic!

This tip makes it so easy – it literally will take just seconds, since you’re already using your best keywords in your headline and URL, right? So copy and paste!

Here’s the step-by-step.Continue Reading

One Foolproof Way to Increase Alexa Rank

One Foolproof Way to Increase Alexa RankLooking to increase Alexa rank?

In my experience – there’s ONE thing that’ll boost your Alexa rank.

I did it on one of my blogs, and cut my rank by half virtually overnight. I went from 9,400,361 to 4,732,781 in 2 days.

The top-ranked sites are Google at #1, and Facebook at Alexa rank 2. Low numbers are better.

Here’s what I discovered: your Alexa rank isn’t totally based on traffic, as Alexa tells you. Continue Reading