Best Picture Quotes: How to Use FREE Public Domain Art

Best Picture Quotes with FREE Public Domain Art

Making picture quotes?

Then you know it can get time-consuming and/or expensive to continually come up with great backgrounds.

Good news! There’s a source of awesome art you can use: FREE Public Domain Art.

Old Masters art is one category that generally falls in the public domain. I don’t know about you, but I can’t hold a palette knife to these guys! I’m thrilled to be able to use their works, when appropriate. I like putting together picture quotes for artist birthdays, and of course, their artwork is the perfect background.

Finding FREE Public Domain Art for Your Picture Quotes

NOTE: Living artists’ work is generally NOT in the public domain! In the U.S., works published before 1923 are in the public domain, plus lots more complicated rules. But instead of worrying about what is or isn’t OK to use, just search on this awesome site that spells it all out for you, image by image: WikiMedia.

FREE Public Domain Art on WikiMedia

All you need to do is enter your search term in the upper right of the home page. Using Van Gogh yielded dozens of art pieces. Click on the one you prefer, and you’re taken to a page that gives you a choice of available sizes to download, AND any information on attribution requirements (i.e. giving credit to the artist). What you want to see is this:

Best Picture Quotes: Public Domain Art logo

That means the work is free for you to use without any attribution.

For this picture quote, I added a quote from Van Gogh himself, in the font Chalkduster for its arty feel. The image had 33 shares from my Facebook Fan Page, and had the second highest reach of any of my posts.

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If you need help putting your picture quote together, see this post on creating quote pictures without Photoshop.

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Best Picture Quotes with FREE Public Domain Art

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  1. says

    Hi Louise♡
    Great article and tips.
    I went to Wikimedia and looked found one of my my favourite artists – Waterhouse and if I’m reading right it is OK to use his images – it seems too good to be true – so I’m checking!!
    Also what does it mean – You cannot overwrite this file…….What my intention is is to take paintings and use them in much the same way you did with the Van Gogh one by adding a quote over it.
    Thanks muchly for your continuing generosity, Susie♡

    • says

      Hi Susie!
      Can you give me a link to where you’re seeing that “overwrite” statement? If the work is in the public domain you should be able to use it as you wish – as far as I know. So let me take a look and see if I know what’s going on!

  2. says

    Louise this is fantastic as I was not familiar with the Wikimedia site! I just spent the last half hour looking around at some of the terrific pictures. Looks like I have another source for some great visuals.

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