How to Use Hashtags with Sense, not Offense! [infographic]

How to Use Hashtags with EtiquetteNow’s a great time to review how to use hashtags properly.

Hashtags have finally come to Facebook! They’ve long been ubiquitous on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and more.

Whether you need a primer or a refresher course in hashtag etiquette, this attractive infographic from Gremlin will fill you in! You’ll understand how hashtags can help you – and also how they can hurt, if you use them poorly.

How to Use Hashtags with Etiquette [infographic]

Some hashtag don’ts:

  • Don’t overuse hashtags
  • Don’t use irrelevant “trending” hashtags
  • Don’t use silly or too-long hashtags
  • Don’t misspell hashtags – type with care!

Read on and enjoy! And spare us all from rampant hashtag abuse – share the infographic via the buttons below so your friends and followers can learn how to use hashtags too.


How to Use Hashtags with Etiquitte [infographic]

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  1. says

    # tag and special characters are heavily used in Chats (facebook, gtalk, etc.) and we guys in India need to read this post for sure. Use correct words to avoid any offense to anybody.

  2. says

    Thank You Louise

    Hashtags are having an impact on all the social media platforms. Your tips will help my social media campaign. thanks again
    Charles the #CrystalFanatic

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