Pinterest Pictures: Make ’em Pinnable, Make ’em POP!

Pinterest Pictures: Make 'em Pinnable, Make 'em POP!Need help with Pinterest pictures?

Looking for pointers to make them more pinnable – and repinnable?

I’m running out of P words, but I think you get the picture – if you’re using Pinterest for business, you want your content to be shared (“repinned”) as much as possible.

How can you help your pictures stand out on Pinterest? Let’s think visually! [pinit]

How to Make Pinterest Pictures More Pinnable

What makes pictures stand out? Think color, contrast, and shape. The Pinterest feed is mostly light gray and white, so pictures that have bright or dark color and a lot of contrast will stand out. You can capitalize on this by using photos that have a white background. See that red dress? How could you miss it! It makes a bold shape of its own that catches your eye.

Pinterest pictures feed

Pinnable Pinterest PicturesI’d been using this technique without even realizing it, until Donna Moritz at Socially Sorted pointed out the power of shapes on Pinterest. The Pinterest picture at right was one of my most-repinned graphics.

Well, the “subtle” call to action didn’t hurt it much, either!

Here are some more examples using bold, eye-catching graphics for social media – photos not required! You can use the rectangle, rounded rectangle, and ellipse tools in Photoshop, or on the free online photo editor Or find all kinds of shapes at! Fill the shapes with some bold colors, and have fun!

Pinnable Pinterest PicturesPinnable Pinterest Pictures

Pinnable Pinterest PicturesPinnable Pinterest Pictures

Next up, a Pinterest infographic with all the best image tips.

I hope my graphics have given you some ideas for your own pinnable images! How will you make your Pinterest pictures pinnable?

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  1. says

    As always a great article Louise!

    And I’m sure this is an area that I fail in since I hadn’t really thought about the over all mix of pictures and how they fit together. Of course most of my pins are from articles that I didn’t write so I’m limited in what pictures are there to use but I could certainly use my own posts to provide variety and contrast by picking pictures that would do a better job of catching attention.

    And truthfully I’m guilty of posting without pictures many times due to the nature of my posts. That is something I need to change as without a picture it’s basically impossible to expect others to pin your posts. I guess when one thinks on it with the popularity of Pinterest we should not post articles without pictures or graphics. To do so basically keeps those posts off of Pinterest and that’s certainly not desirable.

    Anyway as always you’ve given me much to think on. Thanks!

    • says

      Making good graphics does take time, something we’re always falling short of! But getting repins is like free advertising for your biz… worth thinking about.

      Thanks so much for your visit and tweet, Frank!

  2. says

    I’ve been using a black background. It happened by chance, but it seems to work well. I’m always looking to improve my posts. Thank you for sharing your insights, ideas and practical tools, you are a big help!

  3. says

    We have been trying really hard to get our pinterest to gain some traction… I think these tips will be pretty helpful. Thanks so much.

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