Are you posting on your blog and social sites, but not getting the results you desire?

Content marketing means using content such as images, videos, blog posts, articles, ebooks, and audio to market your business.

But you need to know how to do it the right way, because without the right strategy you can invest a lot of time in content marketing, but not see the results you expected. Ask me how I know! šŸ˜‰

So many small businesses are posting content, yet not getting the results they deserve. Without proper goals, a strong strategy, and careful tracking, content marketing is doomed to frustrating failure.

Don't spin your wheels creating content that doesn't convert! That's a waste of your precious time. ā±

This video & PDF course will walk you, step-by-step, through the basics your small business needs to know, to use content marketing effectively.

Done right, content marketing will:

  • Attract the right prospects
  • Position your business as expert
  • Build your audience
  • Grow your sales!

This Content Marketing Course includes:

Video & PDF Course at Value Pricing

If you loveĀ a video course that takes you by the hand, and guides you
through creating your content marketing strategy, this is for you!


Hereā€™s what you get in the course!

32 videos recorded by a professional trainer
Full course transcript as a 20-page PDF
Worksheet for each module (15 pages total)
Excel sheet for planning content

Videos are succinct and packed with knowledge,Ā to give you the information youĀ need,Ā fast.
The worksheets help you to apply what you learn to your business!

sample video

5 MODULES (brief but info-packed)

5 WORKSHEETS (15 pages total)


1 EXCEL editorial calendar template


  • Welcome to the courseĀ (1.01)

Module 1: What is content marketing?

  • Module 1 Introduction:Ā (0.25)
  • What is content marketing? (1.40)
  • What are the benefits of content marketing? (2.20)
  • Educating vs selling (1.40)
  • Do you need a big team? (1.18)

Module 2: Build your content marketing foundations

  • Module 2 introduction (0.35)
  • Your goal (1.19)
  • Your brand voice (1.15)
  • Your audience (1.01)
  • Your team (1.26)
  • Your tools (1.18)

Continued next columnā€¦

Continued from previousĀ columnā€¦

Module 3: Planning and creating your content

  • Module 3 introduction (0.33)
  • Gathering information (2.10)
  • Your sales funnel (2.14)
  • Types of content (1.41)
  • Your editorial calendar (1.44)
  • Quick ways to create content (2.22)
  • Design (1.29)
  • Using content created by others (0.54)

Module 4: Content promotion

  • Module 4 introductionĀ (0.24)
  • Where should you put your content on your website? (1.47)
  • Promoting on social media (1.37)
  • Make contact with influencers (1.15)
  • Email marketing (1.19)
  • Guest posting (1.26)
  • Paid advertising (1.54)

Module 5:Ā  Measuring your results

  • Module 5 introduction (0.16)
  • Why measurement is so important (1.47)
  • What should you measure? (3.50)
  • Next steps (0.53)
  • Congratulations! (0.12)


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Marketing Tips for Small Business: Learn the content marketing basics for businesses just like yours, in this affordably priced video training. Click to buy, set your goals, and start growing your sales!