Facebook Fan Page Tabs: Add Your Website to FB

Facebook Timeline Fan Page Tabs: Add Your Website to FBUPDATED October 17, 2013: For consistent results on all browsers, ONLY add https websites to your Facebook Fan Page Tabs. More details here. Updated April 11, 2012: To add your Pinterest boards in one minute, use this easy way to add your Pinterest boards to your Facebook Fan Page.

Here’s a great FREE and easy tip for Facebook Fan Page Tabs: Add Your Website to Facebook. Designers and developers the world over won’t like that I’m sharing this simple secret with you – they’d rather you think that you need their help to do this. But – you don’t! You can add your web page yourself in minutes.

Facebook Timeline Fan Page Tabs: Add Your Website to Facebook

Facebook Timeline Fan Page: How to Add Tabs 1Follow these step-by step directions to add your website to your Facebook Fan Page!

Logged into your personal Facebook account, install the Static iFrame Tab App by clicking this link. Once on that page, click the green box: Install Page Tab.

Facebook Timeline Fan Page: How to Add Tabs 2This will take you to the Add Page Tab box. Here, choose the Facebook Fan Page where you wish to add a Tab, and click the blue box: Add Page Tab. This will take you to Tab Settings on your Page.

Facebook Timeline Fan Page: How to Add Tabs 4At Page Source, select URL, and enter the URL of the web page you want to add: your blog, webinar signup page, email optin, etc! The website is fully functional inside the frame in Facebook.

If desired, you can adjust the height so the frame doesn’t have the scroll bar on the right. This may take some tweaking back and forth to get the right results.

Marketing with Facebook Fan Page Cover Photos

Facebook Timeline Fan Page Tabs: Add Your WebsiteSkip “Gating” and the tiny tab icon, and scroll down to Name your Tab. Below this you can Change Tab Image – check this post for how to create Custom Tab Images.

Now click the green box: Save Settings.

Facebook Timeline Fan Page: How to Add Tabs 6

Click the gray button at the top, View Tab, to check out your work. If you wish to make changes, just click on the small blue word Settings at the top right of your tab.

Facebook Tabs are now 810 pixels wide, and while that’s 60% wider than pre-Timeline, it’s not as wide as most websites. If your website design includes a right sidebar, viewers will easily see the majority of your page (as shown below – click it to see the full tab live on my Page). But they’ll have to go all the way to the bottom of the frame for the left-right scrollbar to view the right-hand side of your site.

Facebook Fan Page Tabs: Website Sample

If you prefer, check these directions to use a Facebook app to send Fans offsite to your website.

Sit back and admire your creation – your Facebook Fan Page Tabs show off your website!

The latest on social media graphics is yours FREE!

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  1. says

    I followed the instructions however I was not able to get the pinterest tab view to look at good as Yoga Relief who did a very nice job.

    • says

      Hi Kay! On Yoga Relief’s Facebook page tab ( https://www.facebook.com/YogaRelief/app_208195102528120 ) we’re just showing ONE board, instead of the main page of all the boards, which I agree, does look nicer! Just grab the URL of the specific board to get this effect. And you can always add more separate boards as separate tabs. You can have up to 12 tabs total – this includes your Photos tab, Videos, Notes etc if you use them. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Amanda says

    I just tried this and it works really well. I wanted to add a second tab to my page however was not able to – is there a way to do so?

    • says

      Great question! You absolutely should be able to do that by clicking the same link in the article, and instead of clicking the green rectangle, look to the very bottom of the gray box where it says: Need more than one tab?
      Install 2nd Tab, Install 3rd Tab, Install 4th Tab, Install 5th Tab

      And go to town!

      • says

        I’ve the same problem. Maybe the options have changed, but when I click on the ‘ADD ANOTHER TAB’ icon, the link takes me away from the Facebook page I am working on…grrrr

        • says

          Are you logged in as the Page? You need to be logged in as your personal account. If it’s not that, could you explain what you mean by “takes me away from the FB page” and I’ll try to help!

  3. says

    Hi, I’m trying to upload an image for my welcome tab but says it’s too large, but the image is 800px x 1100px which is smaller than the requirements???? I’ve tried resizing it smaller, but it will only accept it when it’s teeny tiny and then you can’t even read it.

    • says

      Hi Latonya! There’s a maximum file size – not the dimensions, but it can only be 400KB or smaller file size. If it’s larger than that, can you compress it (in your photo editing software or even at pixlr.com)? If it’s not larger than that, try again tomorrow because Facebook has had a number of weird bugs with the changeover to Timeline. I hope it works for you!

  4. says

    Thanks so much for this post and the one on how to make a tab image. I was successful adding my first tab, but now when I hit the link the drop down arrow where it says, “Choose your Facebook Pages” it no longer shows the page I was working on as a choice, which of course leaves me at a dead end. Any idea how to fix it?

    • says

      When you go back to add the 2nd tab, instead of clicking in the green rec­tangle, look to the very bottom of the gray box where it says:
      Need more than one tab?
      Install 2nd Tab, Install 3rd Tab, Install 4th Tab, Install 5th Tab

      If you’re already doing that, let me know and I’ll look into it further. Good luck Rachel!

  5. says

    Just the thing I have been searching for Louise. Easy when you know how! I thought there had to be an app that made it easy without too much technical stuff. I too had trouble trying to add a second tab but have seen your answer above.
    Thanks for posting the instructions.

    • says

      Hi Stephanie!

      When logged in as an admin, go to your tab and click the blue word Settings in the upper right. The very first item in Settings is Enable Timeline 810px Wide Mode. You can also see this in the third image in the tutorial above.

      Best of luck!

  6. says

    Hello Louise,

    I tried this out and the only issue I have is that once I’m done if I try to view the contents of the tab, I get a “coming soon” message. Does it take a while before the page appears?


    • says

      Hi Peter,
      If the tab you added was “Our Brands,” I do see it now. FB continues to have bizarre glitches – this is one I haven’t experienced yet! Thanks for your comment. I hope all the tabs you added did show up!

    • says


      The coming soon message appeared for me as well, but I was able to remove it by changing the preview mode to public, versus admin only. This setting is under Tab Settings at the very top of your iFrame editing page.


  7. TinaM says

    You have posted a great helpful article. You don’t know how much I searched for this detail and finally I had to bought a small report on it. Still there was something missing.
    Thanks so much really.
    I am doing some of the works now and will come back to your article with some questions.

  8. TinaM says

    I have this question: If someone has a FB account (old layout) and he wants to add me as admin, how can he do that?
    If he can somehow, then how can I go from there to upgrade his personal page to Timeline layout? (Its a personal page, not a business page). I know only by creating a page—but in that case, which category should I go?
    Thanks for your awesome help.

  9. Sonia says

    Hi Louise,

    I am tyring to create a Twitter tab for our users to follow us on Twitter but when I click on the tab nothing is showing. The URL to load in the iframe window doesn’t show.
    Do you have any idea why?
    The pinterest tab works just fine.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  10. Emma says

    Hi Louise
    I just wanted to thank you for the very helpful tutorial, this was exacty what I needed!

  11. says

    sunny greetings from Diani beach Louise, Thank you very much for this great post. I was just wondering if you could advise me how to upload the mobile version. I would give it a try how does it look like… Thank you very much!

  12. Sarah says

    Hi Louise,

    I’ve some problem loading cos when I try to install, it kept reflecting:

    You must have permission to add apps to at least one Facebook Page to perform the requested action.

    How do i solve this problem? Please kindly advise. thanks in advance!

    • says

      Hi Sarah!

      Are you logged into your FB personal page, and have full admin rights on a FB business page? If this is the case, I’ll have to do some troubleshooting. I’ve not heard of this problem before.

  13. Sarah says

    Thanks! Louise.

    I’ve solved the problem cos I was not aware that i need to create facebook pages for my fb timeline.

    Thanks so much for replying. :)

  14. Sarah says

    Hi Louise,

    Do you know how can I set the business page that I just created as a default landing page when people do a search on my company? Thanks

    • says

      Hey Sarah,
      Facebook no longer allows default landing pages, except when you run an ad. Otherwise, any visitors to your Fan Page will go directly to your Timeline.

      • sarah says

        Tks so much!! Louise. Im new to Facebook. Need your help desperately cos I just want to create a facebook like eg.

        How do i go about setting something like the example above? Meaning anyone who know my business name will be directed automatically to this page and it will show all my custom tabs.

        Appreciate your reply. Have a good week! :) You can drop me a mail too. Tks once again!

        • says

          Hi Sarah – that’s a great page. Very professional both in graphics and marketing.

          To set up a page, login to your personal FB account and start your page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

          My book will tell you all you need to know about making your page look great: Kindle http://bit.ly/FB-ebook PDF http://bit.ly/FanPageBook

          You can give people your FB fan page URL, but I don’t know what you mean by “directed automatically.” Depending on how unique your company name is, you may or may not be found on the first page of a Google search.

          To set up a page as attractive and effective as the one you showed me is a big undertaking. Good luck!

  15. Helen says

    Thanks! Very easily explained, and flew right through it. Good job. Now, why can’t others put things so simple like this? 😉

  16. says

    Finally! An easy to follow, updated-for-Timeline, way to add custom tabs! Thank you Louise – so glad I found your site and this page.

    I recently created a page on FB: https://www.facebook.com/RWHarrisonAuthor
    and added a custom tab to link to my blog (thanks to your clear instructions). As you indicated, the blog opens up inside FB.

    Is there a way, however, for the blog to open up *outside* the framework of FB? In other words, the person clicks on the tab and they go directly to my blog, leaving FB?

    My guess is no, because FB doesn’t want you to leave, but I’m hoping there’s a way…

    Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Robert!

      Try this: under Page Source, click the Redirect button and put in your blog URL. That should work! Also be sure to put your blog URL at the beginning of your About description.

      Best of luck!

  17. Audrey says

    Hi Louise,

    your article seems like it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! But I’m having a problem right at the start.
    I have a personal facebook profile and I have full admin access (Manager access) to an organization’s facebook Page. I’d love to spice it up a little bit, using these custom tabs. But when I’m trying to install the iFrame tab app mentioned in the first step, a message keeps coming up to me – “You are logged in as Organization x, you have no permission to install this app. To switch back to your personal Facebook profile, click here.”
    So I don’t understand why it doesn’t let me install a new app, even though I think I have all the admin permissions I need. Maybe there’s something in the Settings that I have to change?

    Thank you soo much for all the help!

    • says

      Hi Audrey,
      You shouldn’t have a problem if you’re logged in as your personal profile and you’re an Admin. You do need to be logged in as a person and not a page though.

      If it won’t let you when you’re logged in as yourself, then your Admin role doesn’t have the necessary privileges.

      Hope this helps!

  18. Fiona says

    Hello! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group?
    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Many thanks

  19. says

    Hi Louise,
    Great article. Nicely explained and simple to follow.
    You mention at the end that you can change the tab so it’s redirected to a mobile version of a landing page. But I can not see where to do this. Can this only be done through first signing on with Woobox or is there a simple way for me to do it?
    I would like to have a testimonial tab. I am thinking the best way to do that is to link it to the testimonial tab on my website. But of course the website doesnt fit in the frame work. So I am thinking the mobile version would show better.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • says

      Hi Roman!
      You would enter the URL of the mobile version of your website, if you have one. For instance Facebook and Pinterest each have mobile versions that start with “m.” – i.e. m.facebook.com.
      If you don’t know the URL, you could check your site on mobile, or ask your web designer. My sites don’t have a separate mobile version.

  20. says

    Thank you! This is awesome! I remember a while back I tried to add a tab to Facebook with specialized html and it did not work so well. I never could figure out what went wrong with it. The only thing that freaked me out was that my page disappeared for a couple of minutes. But it showed up again.

  21. Carl says

    I was looking for how to do this for hours and became extremely frustrated at the complexity of other options that I found. Thanks so much for the post. Now, if I could only change the long url to something smaller.

  22. Leah says

    Hi Louise,

    Thanks so much for the helpful post! I was able to create a custom tab to display a webpage I created on Google Sites. However I would like to only display the actual content of the page itself. I was able to take out the scroll bars by increasing the width, but how do I decrease the length so the additional google site info won’t be visible? Thank you for your help!

  23. Tina C says

    Thank you so much for your tutorial! It’s very helpful. I’ve managed to create one tab, but noticed that when using the mobile version of Facebook (from my iPhone), the tab doesn’t show up on my page. Have I done something wrong in the setup? Everyone’s using the mobile Facebook app nowadays….how can I make sure the promo tabs show up on the mobile version too? Thanks!

    • says

      Tina, I’m sorry to say I don’t know the answer to your question. I’m not totally familiar with the differences between the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook – and they’re changing all the time! I’m afraid you’ll have to contact Facebook support. I hope they help you sort it out.

  24. Gregor says


    Thank you, It worked like a charm on one of my fanpages (completely “fresh” fanpage). But I have a problem trying to install in on fanpage where i already had iframe tab installed (for external url redirect). If I repeat (your) steps I always end up with installing old (ext. url redirect) iframe, I don’t get to tab settings step. Help please. Thanks!

  25. Chilayne says

    Hi Louise,

    Thank you for sharing this article – have found it very useful!

    I was wondering if you knew of a way to ‘track’ who has shared your tab? For example, I want to know which people specifically have shared the tab I created. I looked in the stats section but it doesn’t highlight anything about shares. Do you know where I can find this information? Your help is much appreciated :)

  26. Billy says

    ok I thought this would be perfect and just what I needed for my job to add an extra tab with ease. I have the same issue someone else had about a year ago on here. “coming soon”. I can see the tab just fine logged in as me. When I log in as my wife……”Coming Soon”. I created this yesterday, so now 24 hours later still “coming soon”? What gives and then does this mean any time I make a simple change to the tab it’s going to take half a week to be updated for users to see? To me, this renders this third party tool useless. Not to mention, I think woobox’s customer service and options to reach them is crap (at best). The most I find is an email address and you know how that works these days. Needless to say, the integration was simple, but functionality is still a mess.

    That said, any ideas on how to view the contents of my tab where everyone else sees “coming soon”……?

  27. says

    Hi Louise

    Thanks for a great and very useful article. I tested the iframe webpage import & it works! Just a doubt – is it possible to have a horizontal scroller so that the webpage width is not truncated to 810px by facebook? Once again, thanks!

  28. says

    seems to work as described above, but every time i test it, the site is not stayin within the FB page, it is opening up in the actual website, which is ok, but would prefer user did not then have to go back to fb..

  29. says

    Thank you so much! I just added the Pinterest app to my Facebook page as well as my website. Your instructions were so clear and easy – wonderful! Thank you!!

  30. says

    Hi Louise,
    I must be an idiot as I seem to be the only person who cannot get this to work.
    After entering all my details and then clicking ‘view tab’ all I see is –

    “Admin Options Settings Stats
    New! Free Tool to Pick Winners and Export Likes/Comments from Facebook Timeline Posts. Learn More or Try It Now
    Add More Woobox Apps: Sweepstakes & Giveaways Photo Contests Instant Win Giveaways Coupons & Vouchers Twitter Tab Pinterest Tab YouTube Tab Instagram Tab More” and no sign of my website.

    Thanks … Lee

    • says

      Hi Lee…

      Looks like they added an ad in there. Just click the word Settings and you should see Page Source and the rest.

      Let me know if this does or doesn’t work – then I’ll be sure to update the post!

      Thanks for the heads-up.

      • says

        I want to show my webpage it is a dynamic webpage (in Asp .net) and it uses database to store form content and redirecting to another page after completion of the form submittion page. It is possible to show dynamic webapge if it built by .net, jQuery and ajax?

  31. Jason says

    When I embed my website, it won’t let me navigate past the first page. If I click on something, I go to whitespace.

    Any ideas?

    • says

      Hi Jason,
      A year or more ago, Facebook switched to only allow https sites to be embedded. While it doesn’t explain why the first page loads, it could have something to do with it. Or, they just stopped supporting this feature! I’ll make a note in the article. Thanks for the heads up.

  32. says


    Your site has been terrific support for me the last two days in updating my fan pages. The last message answered one of my questions. I was getting the same white space for other blog tabs when selected when my blog is embedded into the fan page. So that begs the question as to whether it’s better to just do a redirect?

    Also, I found that the text in the slider at the top is all blackened.

    When I tried the redirect, I could not find a way to let the FB user know that they were leaving FB. How do I do that?

    Regarding the mobile access issue, I see that you have to upgrade for that. (Under customize tab content.)

    This is my FB Fan Page that has the blank page and blackened text issue:

    Thanks for all your help. Going to try a few more things.


    • says

      Only thing I could suggest on the redirect – have it say “Go to my blog.” It could still surprise / annoy people though. I think Facebook is really downplaying the tabs now…

      Please report back if you come up with anything!

  33. says

    I have been looking for this info for DAYS. I installed a tab on a Facebook page years ago and couldn’t locate the information on how I did it! Thank goodness I found this. I used the iFrame Tab setup and it works wonderfully.

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