9 Tips to Build a Successful Facebook Business Page – From Chris Luo of Facebook

9 Tips to Build a Successful Facebook Business PageDid you catch the webinar 9 Tips to Build a Successful Facebook Business Page? 

The presenters were Chris Luo, Head of Global SMB Marketing on Facebook, and Jeanne Hopkins, VP of Marketing, Hubspot.

Most interesting to me were Chris’s answers to pointed questions from small business owners on the webinar. I’ll include Chris’s answers to audience questions right in the 9 tips, where they’re relevant.

9 Tips to Build a Successful Facebook Business Page

  1. Set your cover and profile photo.
    Profile Photo: Use a logo that people associate with your business. Small business owners: Learn how to make the best profile picture for Facebook!
    Cover Photo: Use a photo that captures the essence of your brand and showcases your product or service. Learn how to make a great cover photo for $15!
    Q. Is it OK to change the cover photo often?
    A. It does drive a News Feed story. People will be looking forward to a new expression of your identity. If you have powerful cover photos, it engages your fans.

    successful facebook business page cover photo - wedding planner mentor
    Custom-designed cover photo for The Wedding Planner Mentor.
  2. Add milestones to highlight your business.
    The Timeline milestones give people an opportunity to learn your history.
  3. Pin important stories to the top of your page.
  4. Post daily to your page – or at least once or twice a week. Use light interactions that build up over time.
    Q. How many posts are too many?
    A. Play around – check insights and engagement. Engagement drives the promotion of the posts in the News Feed. Can you do multiple times a day? Experiment. There isn’t one set formula.
  5. Manage the page through the Admin Panel, which is a new feature to Timeline.  You’ll see Notifications, New Likes, Insights, Messages, and Page Tips. In the snapshot view, you see an overview of Talking About and Reach. Click See All to see more depth of Insights.

    successful facebook business page admin panel
    The new Admin Panel is easy to understand at a glance.
  6. Respond to personal messages – new to Timeline. Messaging makes for a more dynamic, real-time relationship than email. But you’ll need to respond quickly to messages!
  7. Rearrange Views and Apps. Facebook decided to make Photos the first position, because some of the highest engagement for Pages is through photos. You can customize the next 3. Use your own images to drive people to action – experiment. Learn how to rearrange apps and create custom thumbnails.
    Q. What happened to the default landing tab?
    A. You can use paid media to drive to the tab. We wanted the core experience of visiting different companies to be similar. We built the Timeline to tell the story of your company. We built it to drive engagement, and we think the best experience is for them to see your Timeline.

    9 Tips to Build a Successful Facebook Business Page
    Custom-designed thumbnails on my Facebook Fan Page.
  8. Highlight updates – take advantage of the full width of the page. Highlight a post with a great iconic photo, or an important post.
  9. Claim your vanity URL at facebook.com/username. A username makes it easier to communicate your Facebook Page address everywhere – business cards, menu, email signature etc.
    Q. Would you want your username to be your Company name?
    A. Ideally.
    [Or, consider using your best keywords. –LM]

The new rules are good for Big Business and not small business!

Chris Luo’s response to this common complaint: The small and local businesses are who we want to contribute to our social graph. They really live their brand. The cover photo is the creative canvas for a small brand. We’ve seen some engaging ones, like my local restaurant. I believe the Timeline favors small local business. We get a significant portion of our revenue from small business, so we work on taking care of them with special offers, etc.

Of course, Facebook is happy to suggest you use paid media to send traffic to your landing tab! 😉

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  1. says

    Kind of late to be commenting on this but this statement caught my eye: “The new rules are good for Big Business and not small business!”

    I don’t see what the difference is between big and small businesses. Branding is partly getting your message out there and letting people know what you are, what you stand for and what are you even in business in the first place. To speak the above statement indicates that the small business did not define their branding and marketing objective, etc.

  2. says

    Excellent article Louise. I appreciate you laying this all out and I will send some my clients to read this. I realize that Facebook is constantly changing so this information is not necessarily evergreen, but we all have to stay on top of this. I really appreciate your expertise. I have a question. How often should one change their Timeline header? I love the one you created for me! http://www.facebook.com/awakeningbusiness. I don’t want to have to do a new one too soon :)

    • says

      Kaya, changing your cover photo is just another way to engage fans. You already do a great job updating your Facebook page with photos, and keeping people engaged – I don’t think it’s necessary to update your cover photo until it gets tired looking or you feel it doesn’t represent you any more. If you love it – keep it :)

  3. says

    I really love this post, since the information is so valuable. You have created such a successful group and it’s great to see all the tips for how you have done this in one place, illustrated clearly!

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