Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Fan Page: Easier than Ever!

Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Fan PageThere’s a new, better-looking, and easier-than-ever way to add your Pinterest boards to your Facebook Fan Page: a free Pinterest Tab App from Woobox.

Looks better because there’s no side-to-side scrolling within the iFrame to see all the Pinterest boards. Easier too, because you don’t have to guess at the pixel height to avoid top-to-bottom scrolling. All done for you in 3 easy steps.


How to Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Fan Page

Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Fan Page1. Logged in as your personal profile that’s an Admin of the Facebook Page, click this link: Click on Choose Facebook Pages and select the one you wish to work on.

2. Decide to show all boards from the Pinterest user, or just one board. Enter the username, plus the URL if showing just one board. You can “FanGate” if desired. I wouldn’t use FanGate here, as it’s best used for something enticing like an exclusive download or contest. Pinterest boards are public content.
Note: it appears you can only use this custom app once per Fan Page, so you won’t be able to add multiple, individual Pinterest boards. But if you choose to show all your boards, Fan Page visitors can still navigate to individual boards right in Facebook.

Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Fan Page Step 2
This setting will show all your Pinterest boards on your new Facebook Fan Page tab.
Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Fan Page Step 2 - single board
This setting will show ONE of your Pinterest boards on your new Facebook Fan Page tab.

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3. Click Save Settings. View Tab. Done!

Fan Page visitors can click on the Pinterest button in the upper right to visit your boards on Pinterest.

Add a Pinterest Tab to your Facebook Fan Page: all boards
My Pinterest boards on my Facebook Fan Page tab. Click to visit on Facebook.

Pinterest Tab: Facebook Tab ThumbnailYou even get a Pinterest logo Tab Thumbnail. If you’d like, you can change it to a custom image with a custom tab name per the directions here: How to Create Custom Tab Images for your Facebook Timeline Fan Page.

Compare the sleek new Pinterest Tab with the previous iFrame version:

Old Pinterest Tab iFrame on Facebook
Previous Pinterest Tab in iFrame on my Facebook Fan Page.

Select the Featured Pin for each Pinterest Board

Edit Pinterest board coverDid you know you can edit the featured pin for each Pinterest board?

On your Pinterest boards page, hover over an individual board until the Edit Board Cover button shows. Click it.

Scroll through your pins, pick your favorite, drag to adjust position, and click Set Cover. That’s it!

You can also change the order of the boards by clicking the icon above the boards.

Edit Pinterest board order
Click the Rearrange Boards icon to switch out the order of your boards.

Thanks to Woobox for the new, free custom Pinterest Tab App! Try it, then share the link to your Facebook Fan Page Pinterest Tab in the comments below.

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  1. says

    Thank you so much Louise! I first tried another route and it made me agree to share my info. with FanGate and then I didn’t even get the tab. Your method was painless and instant. So grateful to you for helping me with this seemingly little but big to me connection. If you have time check out me interest boards! ;O)

  2. Gary says

    So helpful. It’s great that Facebook can accept other social media sites’ information. Thanks for the visuals.

  3. says

    Thanks, Louise! Adding Pinterest to my page (above) was the easiest thing to do. I love how clearly you explain things. Next up is adding my website as detailed in one of your other articles.

  4. no name says

    Louise, How long does it take to resume the former “Pinning” from my website after app has been removed from my FB page?
    Soon, I hope. I want my pins to be redirected back to my website, not shown as “uploaded by user”. Thanks.

    • says

      I’m a bit baffled by your question. I’ve no idea how the FB app could affect pinning from your website. If that’s the case, I think you’d have to contact Woobox (the app provider) for support.

      I’ve had the app installed for 3 1/2 years and it’s never affected my Pinterest account. It just pulls in the boards.

  5. Debi J Mac says

    When uploading my own photos the photo is labeled as ‘uploaded by user’. Why does the photo not bear my name?

    • says

      Pins are marked with the site they’re pinned from. To remove “uploaded by user,” link it to a website with the “Edit” option. But DON’T link to your website if it’s not yours.

      I think your Pinterest name should show though, if you added a description. You have to click on the pin to see it.

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