How to Share a Post on Facebook: PC/Mac, iPhone, or Android

How to Share a Post on Facebook via PC/Mac, iPhone, or AndroidNeed to know how to share a post on Facebook?

It’s a bit tricky if you want to share a Facebook post via iPhone or Android.

We’ll cover how to share a post on Facebook whether you’re on your PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android phone! [pinit]

How to Share a Post on Facebook from your PC or Mac

How to Share a Post on Facebook via PC/MacIf a Facebook friend or Fan Page posts a status update, photo, video or link that you enjoyed, share it with others! To copy and repost in Facebook, use the Share function. Downloading and reposting others’ stuff without permission may be copyright infringement!

The Share function allows you to add interesting updates to your own Wall, to someone else’s Wall, or to a specific group of people, via a dropdown menu.

When you click Share, you choose how and with whom you want to share. Pick one of the following options from the dropdown menu:

  • On your own timeline: Choosing this option creates a post on your timeline. Control who can see your post by choosing an audience from the lock icon dropdown, and write an optional update in the open field.
  • On a friend’s timeline: This option lets you post the content to a friend’s timeline. Type your friend’s name, and then an optional message in the open field.
  • In a group: This option lets you post the content to a group you’re a member of. Type the group’s name, and then an optional message in the open field.
  • In a private message: Use this option to share privately with an individual or small group of friends. Enter your friends’ names, and then an optional message in the open field. source

If you Admin any Facebook Fan Pages, you also have the “On your Page” option, as shown in the screenshot above. Clicking on that will bring up another dropdown of the Pages you Admin for your selection.

Now click the Share button to copy and repost the item.

How to Share a Post on Facebook from your iPhone

Update! November 20, 2012. Facebook has heard our pleas and has enabled sharing on Facebook mobile. Just update your Facebook app! It works similar to sharing from desktop, but you can see details on Mashable.

The trick with sharing from mobile is to access the PC version of the Facebook website. Check out this video on how to share a Facebook post via iPhone.

How to Share a Post on Facebook from your Android

To share Facebook posts from Android, you must log on to Facebook using your phone’s web browser. The mobile website will probably come up – delete the “m” at the beginning of the web address to go to the normal site. The Share function is then available!

Sharing is Caring!

Sharing Facebook photos and posts, instead of downloading and reposting, respects the content creator’s work. Thank you for wanting to share Facebook posts! If you found this information useful, please share this post to spread the word on how to share a post on Facebook!

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    Hi there. Facebook is a great social media. Android Smartphone has brought a vast opportunity for social media marketers to share their market product or service in social media. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  2. says

    Hey Louise! Great article! Howevet on android deleting the “m” from the url doesn’t take you to the full site to be able to share. You need to load facebook DOT com/home DOT php into your browser.

    I rec­om­mend you book­mark the link so that you can access it eas­ily (or just remem­ber to add home DOT php after

  3. Phong Nguyen says

    I am not sure if I have looked carefully enough but I do not seem to be able to find the last option, ‘In a private message’ on Android device!
    Hope you can clarify!
    Best regards

  4. Phong Nguyen says

    I realized that this might be referring to the old Facebook interface since the https: would lead to the old appearance of Facebook, not the new one. With other words, Android does not provide the possibility to share anything as private message, if I am not wrong. However, I do hope that I am wrong and there is a way indeed!

  5. maricel olaez says

    I want to know how to make a facebook group posting in more than 5-10 group pages in one posting via android phone pls help me know how i can do that.tnx

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