Small Business Marketing: What’s in Store for 2013?

Small business marketing – what do owners plan for 2013?

AWeber asked over 3,000 owners and entrepreneurs how they felt about the economy, and whether they planned to increase or decrease their marketing presence. 93% of the businesses surveyed had 5 employees or fewer, and 88% of owners do all the marketing – perhaps like you and me?

How do these small business owners and entrepreneurs feel about their prospects for the new year?

Small Business Marketing: What Do Other Owners Predict for 2013?

Data and infographic by AWeber

Cautiously optimistic, small business owners plan to increase their marketing and their spending in 2013.

Social media marketing is big and getting bigger for small businesses. But email marketing is important too! 85% of small businesses plan to increase email marketing in 2013. Why? Return on investment! $1 spent on email marketing drives $40 in revenue. click to tweet Good news for small business owners who value each dollar!

I love working with AWeber, and plan to do more email marketing in 2013. It doesn’t take much time – most business owners said they spend between 1 and 3 hours weekly on their campaigns. Auto-response and templates make sending messages quick and easy. Currently I’m only using the blog broadcast, which goes out automatically from my RSS feed. Easy peasy! Every blog should set this up.

Check out what AWeber email can do for your business with a $1 trial.

What’s Your Plan?

I hope your business saw some growth in 2012, and the promise of more in 2013! Please tell us about your business in the comments, and let us know if you’ve got a small business marketing plan for 2013!

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  1. says

    The wearing many hats says a lot to me. These are the businesses I work with. Love the stat about a $1 spent on email marketing creates $40 in revenue … now that really speaks to clients!

  2. says

    Great info graphic Louise, i am the one hat wearer for my photographic business and sometimes feel like i have to have my hand in every pot, I think at some point in a growing business there comes a time when you need to start delegating to lighten the load :)

  3. says

    I still need to formalise my 2013 Marketing plan, it’s in my head at the moment and I need to get it down on paper. So going to spend a day next week doing it. I am planning my first newsletter in February, have a few ideas already and am starting to build up my mailing list. I did do a Christmas/New Year newsletter in December to thank people so far!

    • says

      Michelle, I’m with ya. With my daughter at home, I’m still in “vacation mode” :) I never even got around to a holiday greeting to my list. 2013 is my year to plan!

  4. says

    Thanks Louise, another great post to get us thinking. Yip I’m the multi hat person in my children’s shoe store and am coming to the conclusion that the only way forward is across multi platforms. And boy does this mean work! I can only hope that 2013 is better than 2012. In my business I am fighting against other large retailers that can offer the same or similar products at discounted prices ( every week another sale) WITHOUT service… whereas I provide the service and ‘fit’ the shoes. I am wanting to 1 – gain new customers, best way is word of mouth including facebook and such 2 – have my customers come back , 3 – tell the world when I have sale & special items ( to get rid of).. the old ways are not working so I am going for a new approach including facebook, an app ( a real one), website and mobile website and yes I have an email list on aweber…. it will be interesting to see which drives the best traffic for my different needs. I would use SMS are there are some fantastic things that can be done, but the cost is too high in my country. Also, I would like to point out that this survey was done by aweber and other sources state that email open rates are going down. Sorry for the rant… I could go on and on :)

  5. says

    Louise, I can relate to the Infographic and your comments. My wife and I own and manage a networked, human resource consultancy business. We are looking forward to a better year in 2013 and have developed our online marketing plan which includes more frequent blogging and improved leverage through more multimedia content, increased social media exposure and more frequent, targeted email marketing. 2012 saw us lose substantial income through State Government downsizing (loss of clients) and freezing of recruitment, selection, and training (a freeze on the services we offer by our major client). The challenges of 2012 were a catalyst for us to engage an interstate business developer, to create innovative service offerings and to broaden our client base. We now have a good foundation for moving forward in 2013.

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