Need a Facebook Guru? Check Out This Ultimate List!

Need a Facebook Guru? Check this Ultimate List!Need a Facebook guru? This ultimate list of Facebook experts is for you.

All specialize in Facebook for business.

Check it out and click the links to follow their Facebook Fan Pages.

Vote up your faves, add any I’ve missed, and learn more about Facebook for business!

If you find a Facebook guru you really like, be sure to get Facebook notifications so you don’t miss anything. Otherwise, Facebook will only show you a fraction of their posts due to Edgerank. Most of these experts only post once or twice a day, so you won’t be inundated.

Help Build the Facebook Guru Ultimate List!

Add a Facebook guru I’ve missed. Click to vote up the gurus you like. Add a comment! So much you can do with these crowd-sourced Listly lists.

You can even embed the Facebook guru list on your own blog!

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  1. Shayne says

    My website is not finished yet but am getting there. Thik this will be great for me! Thanks.

  2. says

    Great post Louise,

    Are there any links that could recommend on how to direct traffic onto my website via paid advertising on Facebook?

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