12 Facebook Contest Ideas to Last All Year! Infographic

Enough Facebook Contest Ideas for All Year! InfographicNeed Facebook contest ideas?

Running a contest is a great way to amp up the engagement on your Facebook Page!

But how to come up with ideas every month? Easy! Just check this handy infographic.

If you follow my Facebook personal profile, you know I love holidays. The folks at Antavo do too! They’ve combined holidays and Facebook contests to come up with this great infographic. Be sure to pin it for ideas throughout the year!

Let us know in the comments: which is your favorite of theĀ Facebook contest ideas?

Enough Facebook Contest Ideas for All Year! Infographic

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  1. Darlene Eden says

    Hi Louise,

    I have purchased with product in the hope I can learn how to improve my facebook presence. I see you have the suggested apps to use but how do I get them. Sorry I’m totally not tech savvy!


    • says

      Sorry, I just found your comment in my spam folder! Which apps are you looking to get?

      If they’re mobile apps, you’d get them in the App Store on Apple, or Google Play on Android.

      Otherwise, let me know and I’ll try to help.

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