How to Get Facebook Shares that Go Viral!

How to Get Facebook Shares that Go Viral Quote
Simple quote graphics can get many Facebook shares.

Want to boost your Fan Page visibility?

Get Facebook shares!

Likes and comments are great, but the most valuable interaction you can get on Facebook is a share. When your Facebook Page post is shared, it appears on the sharer’s Timeline so their friends see it. Now you’ve got a chance of going viral, as shares multiply from friend to friend! [pinit]

How to Get Facebook Shares that Go Viral!

Questions are great to increase engagement, but questions rarely get shared. The most-shared content on Facebook Pages is Photos and Video!

How to Get Facebook Shares that Go Viral - Pinstamatic QuoteHow can you get Facebook shares with photos? Before you decide that’s too expensive or complicated – remember that “Photos” on Facebook means any kind of image. I’ve had terrific results using ShareAsImage to create quote images in seconds. The simple one at the top of this post was shared by almost 20% of my Fans! The Pro version of ShareAsImage allows color and font customization for a one-time fee of $6.99US. Or you can try a basic version free!

For more quick ways to make picture quotes, check out my post EASY Ways to Make Picture Quotes. I made the quote at right on Pinstamatic quickly and for free.

To find free photos to use on Facebook, check my post Best FREE Photo Sites: The Most Recommended Free Image Sites. I’ve been using Stock Xchng with great results. An interesting thing about this site is that you’re supposed to notify the artists / photographers when you use their work. When using the images on Facebook, this can actually increase your shares! Alert the artist by posting a link to your FB Page in the comments on SXC. The image below – a Memorial Day cover photo – got a great number of shares on a quiet holiday weekend! The artist shared with his friends and fans, and so on…

How to Get Facebook Shares that Go Viral photo

The Benefits of Facebook Shares that Go Viral

How to Get Facebook Shares that Go Viral quote graphicIf you have the skill to combine a quote and a photo – you’re golden! I posted this quote graphic one evening to my Yoga Relief Fan Page, and it was immediately shared to a Fan Page with a huge fan base. Result? A total of 118 shares, visibility to a large audience (5x as large as my Page’s fan base), and – I gained 52 new Fans! I can’t guarantee you dozens of new Fans, but I do believe the visibility for your Page is worth the effort to make shareable images.

If you’re ready to get more creative but don’t own photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, here’s my tutorial for adding quotes to photos onlineHow to Make Quote Pictures without Photoshop.


How to Increase Shares on Facebook

Now that you’ve got your shareable image, try these tips to increase the chance of going viral!

  • Share your own Fan Page posts! All shares of shares are now attributed to the original source – so start by posting on your Fan Page to get the visibility. If appropriate, then share from your Page to your personal profile to get your friends involved.
  • Encourage sharing! Include a call-to-action that inspires people to share, i.e. “Please Like and Share to spread the encouragement.”
  • How to Get Facebook Shares that Go Viral - Thank & PinThank sharers! Clicking on the number of shares brings up a window with all Public or friend shares. If available, click Like or comment on their post via your personal profile. If shared by a Page, you can Like and comment as your Page. By increasing their engagement, you’ll help the share get more visibility, and encourage them to share again in the future.
  • You can also upload the image to your website and include the link for people to pin to Pinterest.
  • But don’t only post graphics and photos. Keep it interesting by mixing in links, videos, questions, and text updates on your Fan Page. 

How about you – what has worked well for you? What catches your eye in the News Feed and gets you to share? Comment below and include links if you’d like. Let’s spread the word on how to get Facebook shares that go viral!

UPDATE 6-11-12: I’ve continued to get shares of that quote graphic and am now at 143. I’ve added 62 Facebook fans in 4 days – not all can be attributed to that image, but likely close to 60. The huge thing is I have 693 “People Talking About This” – and I started with only 107 total fans! So, what a way to up your “PTAT” score!

UPDATE 3-25-13: Check out St Patrick Day graphics gone viral – as of today, this graphic has had over 100,000 shares from just the original post and George Takei’s!

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  1. says

    Hi Louise,

    Great post. I would love it if you would to come up with a tuto­rial on how to create quote graphics with and



  2. says

    There are so many great ideas in this article Louise! It’s amazing the power images have on Facebook. Using them to own as much real estate as possible is a great way to get seen and get those LIKES and shares! :)

  3. says

    Just discovered your site! I’m now subscribed and looking forward to learning from you!

    I have been trying to figure out how to make my own quote images/graphics so your post was very helpful.

    I purchased the ShareasImage pro version but I’m a little confused as to how to use it best. It looks like the only way to share it is to click on the buttons at the bottom of the “post” page. Is this correct? So I can only use it on FB, Twitter, G+, or Pinterest?

    Can I just cut and paste the graphic into my blog or whatever social media I’m using? And if so, do I copy the image or the URL?

    Thanks so much!

      • says


        And I would love to see more in-depth tutorials on your site about how to create quote graphics using different site software.

        • says

          You’re welcome! That’s something I will get to. The tutorials take a lot of time to put together and I’m trying NOT to work at all hours this summer! :)

          • says

            Enjoy your summer!

            Another question, if you don’t mind. I’m still trying to figure out how to use ShareAsImage.

            When I download the images to my computer (they’re .png files) and then upload to another site (like FB or my blog), the pictures look blurry or of lower quality.

            Am I doing something wrong?

            Thank you for your help!

          • says

            FB compresses images to jpegs, so images with flat colors usually end up looking blurry and splotchy. I don’t know why it would look like that on your blog tho. The ShareAsImage at the top of this page looks fine. Unless you’re enlarging them? Or using some blogging system that does the same thing to images as Facebook.

  4. says

    Hi Louise, I see so many of these (dare I say trite) quotographics going viral I find it quite astonishing. I’m trying to get the link below to fly with a limited advertising budget – I’ve now got about 1000 shares in all and about 500,000 views but it’s growing steadily rather than rocket powered. I’d be interested to know if you have any suggestions as I’m just a beginner.

    • says

      Hi Andrew!
      Unfortunately I couldn’t see the graphic you were referring to.

      As far as going viral, a lot of it is just timing and luck, and sometimes you just strike a chord with people that gets them sharing. Cute animals and little kids often work, as do snarky sayings. The virality can take off when you get shared by someone with 1000s of friends, or a page with a huge number of fans.

      I don’t have any specifics on “making” something go viral – wish I did!!

      Good luck!

  5. says

    I actually have devised another way that is super easy and works well. I basically open MS Powerpoint and I insert the picture into a new slide. I then open a text box on top of the picture and write the quote. This allows me a lot of flexibility as I can control font, size and color of the text. Once I like what I have, I use a awesome little screen capture utility called jing ( and I capture the image and I save it to my hard drive. Now I can upload easily to FB.

    You can go to my Fan page

    and see some of what I’m talking about You can also like my page :)

    • says

      That’s perfect Steven, I appreciate your sharing that tip. I’m a Mac gal and I rarely use MS products!

      The web-based editors also allow font control, like Pixlr described in the post linked below.

      Jing is great too! Is that easier than just saving thru Powerpoint? I guess it avoids resolution issues!

      Thanks again for sharing your method!

  6. says

    I am happy to have found your post . I am going to to try this as i really needs shares for my business.
    I hope this work as i am not scared to work it hard, and i will let you know if it work.
    I will also share your post on my wall and twitter account.
    Thanks a lot

  7. says

    A very useful read, I found this extremely helpful. I am going to subscribe to your blog and look forward to learning more from you. Thank you for your time and effort.

    If some Facebook users are unable to share a photo I have posted on my fan page, does this mean their privacy settings need adjusting? Some of my clients can ‘Share’ and some cannot, which does not help my viral campaigns. Thank you again.

    • says

      Chris, I have recently heard from one person that sharing on their Fan Page isn’t working right. Mari Smith was not aware of this issue, so I’m hoping it’s a temporary glitch.

      If it persists, all I can suggest is to contact Facebook. Sorry!

  8. says

    Thank you. I really appreciate the information. I’ve got a fan page for my radio station & we are all looking for ways to increase awareness of our broadcasts. I will put your advice to work today.


  9. Kay says

    Hey Louise,
    I just stumbled upon your page through google. Im really new to this Fan page thing, im a photographer and need help to spred my work and more people looking at my work each time. And also gain more likes. Can you please give me some tips??

    • says

      Hi Kay!
      There’s loads to know and do, much more than can be put in a comment – or even a whole blog! I’ve planned a list of the top Facebook gurus to follow – seeing what others are doing successfully on Facebook is always a good place to start.

      Best of luck!

  10. says

    Hello Louse,
    I know that this comment is very late. But I would like to introduce my web app that will help creating Quotes for social media, wallpaper, or even prints easily but with great output. Please have a look at :


  11. says

    Hello Louise,
    is sharing quote graphics on facebook and other social sites a good way to get traffic back to your personal website.

    I have collected quotes over the years and knew that some day they would come in handy. I have several web properties that market different products.. could sharing good quotes that relate be a good way to drive traffic to those sites? for example i have quotes on health and I also sell health related products. do you think this strategy would work?

    • says

      Hi Dee!
      Yes, you can get traffic back to your site via quote graphics, however I believe it’s better thought of as building awareness of your business. On Facebook especially, it’s essential to post things that people want to share, like and comment on – posting links rarely gets much engagement. Due to Facebook Edgerank, you need those highly engaged posts so Facebook will show your link posts to more of your fans. And, the engagement also lets friends of your Fans see your post, become aware of your business, and become a Fan if they wish.

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