How Facebook Fan Page Photos = Engagement! [infographic]

Facebook Fan Page photos – how often do you post them?

If you’re posting 1 per day, that’s one in 300 million photos uploaded per day!

Check the infographic for the impressive stats on the impact of photos on Facebook engagement:

  • Facebook Fan Page photos got 53% more Likes than the average post.
  • Facebook Fan Page photos got 104% more Comments than the average post.
  • Posting a link with a photo got 84% more link clicks than without a photo.

Check it out:

The Impact of Photos on Facebook Engagement

No doubt – photos rock Facebook Fan Pages! Check out 9 ways your brand can rock your Facebook marketing strategy with images.

What’s working on YOUR Fan Page? Do the numbers encourage you to post more Facebook Fan Page Photos?

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  1. says

    I could use more photos I’m sure. But I’m happy to say most photos I post are taken by me. I do ‘share’ a lot of cool photos too.

    Good info as usual Miss Louise :)

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