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    great infographic. personally I find I engage much better with posts which have visual content. So why is it that we are seeing lots of message only posts, especially from business pages?

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      I do too, Dot, however a few months ago, Fan Page admins noted that text-only updates were getting much better reach – not engagement, but FB was showing the posts to more of their fans.

      It’s tough to keep up with what’s working on Facebook, as they’re constantly changing :(

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        Interesting … this has exactly been my experience. I get 3-4x the reach on my text only posts on our page that I do to the image based ones – but there are definitely some fan pages that still seem to be getting massive reach on their images. I’m really curious to know how they manage it!

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          I rarely do text updates, but they seem to fail when I do. I guess I’m just better at visuals than writing engaging text blurbs! Or, visuals are what my audience wants. There doesn’t seem to be a “one size fits all” :)

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    Thanks Louise. Those pictures make a huge impact. And videos, which I haven’t done yet, but I know will be a big shift (for me).

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    Images are important as is using video on your site. If you have a video on your site about a product you are 53% more likely to have customers make a purchase. I will be posting a lot of video tips on my site because I want to educate people on why they need to start implenting a video strategy.

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      Thanks for letting me share this great visual! And I’m so happy to connect with you – always enjoy social media peeps who “get” the value of good visuals! And yours are some of the best.

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    This is a great infographic! Tweeted it this morning, coming back to re-read! Great stats (that I can use with my clients!) and tips (I can use for me!). On Facebook, I probably do more of a 50-50 using visuals vs text. Testing different things to see what works best. Thanks for the info!

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