How to Create Custom Tab Images for your Facebook Fan Page

How to Create Custom Tab Images for your Facebook Fan Page

Need Custom Tab Images for your Facebook Fan Page?

The Tab Images are less obvious in the new Facebook Page design, so creating Custom Images in your brand color will help people notice them.

Facebook Fan Page Tabs are sometimes called Apps, but Facebook calls the thumbnails or icons Custom Tab Images. The word App or Tab is used interchangeably.

NOTE: You must first have Tabs / Apps installed before you can customize tab images. See this post for several ways to add free Facebook Tabs.

App Images in the New Facebook Page Design

Where Are Tab/App Images in the New Facebook Page Design?

The Facebook Tab Images used to run in a row beneath most of the Cover Photo. Now your top 2 appear as text links under the Cover Photo, and the top 3 images appear in the left column (see image above). Page visitors can access the other Apps by clicking the More link at top right, or the small arrowhead at top right of the Apps section. All your Tab Images will be visible when that arrow is clicked.

All Facebook Tab Images can be seen in the popup

The Apps section sits beneath the People and About sections. Those can’t be moved. But you can move the Apps section above the Photos and Posts to Page sections. Hovering the bar at the top of any section will show the Edit pencil, where you can Manage Sections.

How to manage Facebook page sections

You can also reorder your Apps within the section, and I recommend you do. Put them in order of importance, since the first 2 will be linked under the Cover Photo. Then highlight your 3 best Apps with compelling Custom Images. Learn how to reorder your Tabs here.

Strategy for the App Thumbnails / Icons / Custom Tab Images:

  • Create compelling Custom Images to get clicks.
  • Rename the Apps with action words – give a call to action!
  • Upload your Custom Images.
  • Feature your 3 best Apps with the 3 thumbnails that show in the Apps section.

How to Create Custom Tab Images For Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook resized App image
Avoid resized Tab Thumbnails!

If you don’t set a Custom Image for your Apps, you’ll probably have an ugly generic icon. The App Thumbnail size is 111 pixels wide by 74 pixels high. Create your Custom Images to this exact size. If Facebook resizes an image to fit, it can get blurry or bitmapped, and look amateurish.

The Custom Tab Images can be text-based, and even non-designers can make these themselves. Keep your brand colors in mind and add clean, simple text. I recommend going with a strong background color so they stand out from the white page. Use compelling Calls-to-Action as appropriate.

You can find Facebook Tab Image ideas to inspire your own creations here.

Marketing with Facebook Fan Page Cover Photos

How to Rename your Fan Page Apps and Upload your Images

how to change your custom tab images

  • Click the word Settings above your Cover Photo.
  • In the left column, click the word Apps.
  • Find the App you wish to change and click Edit Settings. The Edit Settings box will pop up (shown below).
  • Here you can Remove the Tab, add a Custom Tab Image, and set a Custom Tab Name.
  • Start by adding your Call to Action words as the Custom Tab Name, and click Save.
  • Now click Change above the text box.

how to change your custom tab images

  • In the new window, hover the current image and click Edit.

Upload your custom tab image

  • In the popup, choose your 111 x 74 pixel Custom Image.
  • When you’ve located the image on your hard drive, it will upload automatically.
  • Now you can close this window and reload your Page to see your new image.

How does your Facebook Fan Page with Custom Tab Images look? Leave your link in a comment!

How to Create Custom Tab Images for your Facebook Fan Page

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  1. says

    Thanks L.

    This looks comprehensive.
    Appreciate the hard work you have done to keep this simple and useful.

    I have it printed out,
    and making nice timeline pics is on my to-do list…..


    • says

      There’s so much going on with the Timeline changes for business pages. We have to change a lot of our strategy now. More info on Facebook Timeline fan pages is coming! Thanks for your comment.

  2. says

    Thanks for the detailed directions. I found the cover photo the easy part, but had no clue what to do about the other pieces and parts. As always, you make it seem so much less intimidating!

    Thanks for sharing your expertise with us.


  3. says

    I do not see either of the two pop-up boxes when I click on the pencil icon, after hovering over the tabs. The only choices I have is top edit existing content of that tab OR removing the tab content. Got a suggestion?

    • says

      Could have been a temporary glitch – FB is having lots of those these days. If the problem continues, send me a screen shot so I can see what’s happening. I haven’t heard of this issue. I’ll try to help if I can!

  4. Rob says

    Hi Lousie,
    Thanks for these great tips. I have a question. Your article says that you can not edit the Tab for Events but I have seen many sites that have the events page with a custom Tab. How are they doing this? I can not figure it out.



  5. says

    Dear Louise: I have the same issue as above poster Peter Hall. Tried to screenshoot it for pasting here but not playing nicely. I have one option – “remove” and that’s it. I’ve refreshed, rebooted, etc. so not sure why I can’t edit my CTI’s. Please let us know if you find any info on this as your article was soooo helpful and I was encouraged….until I couldn’t accomplish it. :-(

    • says

      Not sure what’s happening on your Facebook tab image Edit Settings, but fortunately there is another way to edit them. When you’re logged in as an Admin, visit the tab in question and click on the small blue word Settings at the top. Tab Image is the second thing from the top, and Tab Name is second from the bottom. Please let me know if this works! *crossing fingers*

  6. Rob says

    yes me too. I also tried looking for the settings under the Tab and I do not see a “small blue word” Settings. I can send you a screenshot if you like. I have a mac.. could that be the issue?


  7. says

    Hi. I find this post helpful, but when I scroll over each tab the edit pencil icon isn’t showing — only the + for notes, videos, groups, etc. Why is the edit pencil icon not showing? Thanks!

  8. Nin says

    Hi Louise,

    I’ve tried to rename the Likes Icon for a “call to action” word but on the edit pencil icon it doesn’t give me an option to set a custom tab name? Even when I try reordering the like icon by switching it to the end.


  9. debbi says

    Where are you getting this?
    No where on the pencil icon on the “app” or “tab” or whatever it is called now do I see:
    “Remove the App”, or “add a Custom Tab Image” or set a “Custom Tab Name”, or anywhere to click “Change”. I get a list that FB has decided I can chose from: Notes, Map, Subscribers….

    • says

      Hi Debbi!
      If you’re clicking on the pencil icon of a tab thumbnail that can NOT have a custom thumbnail (Videos, Notes, Likes, and Events) it will only show a list of tabs you can swap position with.
      If you’re clicking on the pencil icon of a CUSTOM tab thumbnail that CAN have a custom thumbnail, under the list of tabs you’ll see:
      Remove from Favorites
      Edit Settings (click this one!)
      Link to this Tab
      Uninstall App

      I hope this helps.

  10. Wilco says

    Hey Louise!

    Great tutorial! However, if you really want to take these custom pages to the next level, I’d suggest doing more with them than just using these icons :) There are loads of things to do on the tabs themselves (e.g. viral sweepstakes, viral coupons etc).

    There are many tools out there, although many of them charge a monthly fee. I’m using a WordPress plugin called WP4FB 2.0 – this way there aren’t any recurring costs :)

    All the best!

  11. says


    For everyone still struggling with changing the tab icon (at least for the Events tab) on Facebook. I think I have the answer…

    I did this the other day, almost by accident and then went to change it today and couldn’t see how to do it – hence I found this blog! After some prodding I’ve now sussed it out again and it’s really easy – just not at all obvious. And the Facebook ‘Help’ still says it can’t be done!

    Click on your events tab and click on an event. If you don’t have an event entered yet, create one. Now, top left of the page, you should see the tab image. Hover over it and a link will flash up saying “Change Event Photo”. You can now click on this to upload a new image.

    If you found this useful, do me a favour and ‘Like’ my pages at:

    And follow me on Twitter: @2bMedia

    Good luck!

    • says

      Hi Colin, v ‘un pc’ but I could kiss you! I have wasted nearly all of today trying to find some explanation of how to change this tab thumbnail. Thanks to Louise who started the conversation and to you for navigating your way around and finding out this secret.

      • says

        Thanks Louise(s), I’m flattered! :)

        Just one thing I noticed the other day and that is, the Events image is likely to revert every time you add a new event, so you may need to keep your desired image handy and reload it each time.

  12. SLeigh says


    Question- How do people get added under the favorites tab. And can they be added without you choosing them to be there?

    • says

      Hi! Go to Manage Page… Edit Permissions… Featured. You can pick the Likes to feature on your page, or else they’ll just rotate among all the pages your page has Liked.

  13. says

    Hi Louise,
    Thanks for posting this very helpful information regarding image sizes. I was excited to read about changing app icons but was bummed out when I tried to do it. Clicking on the pencil did not give me the option to “Edit Settings” only to move the icon. Is this a feature that no longer exists? Facebook help pages only say the developer of an app my have choosen to not make the icon editable. I was trying to edit the like icon as in your example. I am using this on a business page (Idaho Resort Rentals) – is that any different? Anything you can share is appreciated! Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Matthew,
      Well that’s a bummer! On my business page, I can change all the app icons except photos, likes, notes and events. I have an assortment of 5 different app developers represented. I’m not sure what’s going on with your page, but if I discover anything, I’ll contact you through Facebook.

    • says

      Wow – I didn’t know that was possible! It looks like you created animated gifs – but you say you made jpegs. The fonts also look “jaggy” / bitmapped. Are you sure these are RGB Mode?

  14. says

    Hope you can help…I have created custom tab icons to use and when I went to follow your instructions, this is what I have run into… Seems like it should be straight forward, except for the fact that for one thing, I can only see 2-1/2 of my boxes on the top row, and I only get the pencil on the “Likes” box and it only gives me a blank box that does nothing when clicked. The others give me nothing that helps when I click on the + icon on them (still, not pencils there). Here is a screen capture of what I am getting:

    And, if I go up under “edit Page”> “Update Info”> “Apps” I only get Photos, Events, Video and the option to add Notes, but no other way to add anything.

    I have looked at this fan page, logged on as Admin from both Mozilla and Safari, same thing.

    What am I missing here??? Help please~ Would much appreciate!!! Thank you!

  15. Kirrilee Johnston says

    Hi Louise,
    Great stuff thank you, I do have a query though. I would like to include a tab image inviting people to like my page but am confused about the app it should be on. I mean if someone were to click on it, where would they be directed to? I already have my webpage as an app. I really just want the image asking for the like.
    I hope you can help : )
    Thank you.

  16. says

    Good Evening Louise, I need help as I am NOT very computer smart at all lol I just created my first what I call my business page, because I AM selling a product.. I too created my only tab which is an order form, everything turned out perfectly on it.. Only problem is, the image *pink little cart with the words Order Here* so cute :) didn’t show up on the tab… I tried many times to resize it, and tried different images and so far nothing works! I REALLY would love to keep my cute little cart for my order form tab, I just cant get it to attach :( You can find me on facebook under Candice Steele Jewelry Candles Rep Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you have a great night!

    • says

      Hi Candice,
      Your form looks nice, but you really shouldn’t be asking for credit card info on a Google Form. They’re not secure, and your client’s data could be compromised.

      I don’t get into ordering on Facebook, but I’m pretty sure you can do it with a Heyo membership.

  17. Cindy Paterson says

    Thanks SO much for this tutorial. I’m still having a problem, however. Every time I try to upload a graphic to my tab, it won’t allow me to do so. Apparently, they are no longer resized automatically, and MUST be 111×74 pixels. I got one image to 110×73, and it simply won’t work. Any hints?



  18. Ador says

    Dear Ms. Louise,

    Do you have any topic regarding the disabling the LIKES of PHOTO until visitor LIKES the PAGE?

    Best Regards,

    • says

      Hi Ador!
      You can set up a fan-gate, but if a user sees one of your photos in their feed, it won’t disable “liking” it.

      I don’t have a post on fan-gates yet, but I should add one!

  19. says


    This worked very well. Thank you so much for explaining this. I was looking all over and your tutorial was by far the most intuitive. I made some cool tabs after looking at other bands pages to see what they should look like.

    Thanks for all the help!

    Allen – the Nobles

  20. Paul says

    Hi Louise,

    I seem to be having the same problem that a few people posting on your website have experienced over the past few months. I can’t seem to edit or customize my extra tabs under the cover photo on Facebook. Instead of a pencil icon appearing in the top right hand corner of the blank tab boxes, all I can see are + icons. The drop down menu that appears to edit settings is also limited and doesn’t have all the functionality you have talked about. Not sure whether this is an intermittent Facebok issue or laptop or browser problem. I’d appreciate any advice that you could provide me with here. Thanks.


    • says

      The items under the cover photo are thumbnails, not the actual tabs. The + on the blank thumbnail means you have to add a tab. You don’t have editing capabilities on the thumbnails until they’re linked to tabs.

      See the Related posts under this article (it’s under the email opt in box) – #1, 3, 4 and 5 are different tabs you can add.

      • Paul says

        Hi Louise,

        Thanks for your reply – I unfortunately couldn’t find the reference points you mentioned.

        Where I think I was battling to make sense of the blank tab boxes under the timeline cover photo, was that there doesn’t seem to be a straight forward method of customizing these apps tabs via the drop down menu provided (when clicking on the top right hand corner + sign). I I’ve subsequently worked out that an apps provider like Woobox needs to be used for this. I assumed Facebook would have built-in functionality to do this, but it only seems to offer a list of generic app types for loading on the timeline page – not tab customizing functionality. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


  21. says

    Okay, I am wondering how this is done…This guy is using an app called \”My Tab\”-He is also able to use gif images for his custom tab images! How? I downloaded the app, and tried using a moving gif image.It did not work, I only got the first still, as usual.. How are these people doing this? If you would like to see his fb address is listed under “website”

  22. says


    You are a super star. I am a beginner at this, but your tips are phenomenal, and they will help me lift my game. As we say here in New Zealand “you deserve a chocolate fish” !

    Thank you so much

  23. says

    Thanks Louise.. This is very well explained.. I have been blogging for more than a year now, and I wasn’t aware that so much can be done using Facebook Custom Tabs. Seems like this feature is a bit underrated.

    I will use these instructions and try to create a sign-up tab for my facebook page.

    • says

      Hi Sumit,
      So glad you enjoyed the post!

      The custom tabs are great. The trick is getting traffic to them, which is best accomplished via ads. That’s not my expertise, tho!

      Best of luck with your tabs.

  24. lauren says

    Hi thanks for the article,

    Do you have any insight into the apps/tabs on Facebook location (child) pages? So, the pages that fall underneath a brand page. When I try and search the app store these days I am brought to a game store instead? Have they done away with apps?

    Is this functionality not available at the local level? I wanted to add a Insider special-type link to our club on our location pages.

    Your thoughts appreciated! Thanks!

  25. says

    Tried your clear instructions b ut got stumped. I didn’t have any custom tabs/apps prior to the change that Facebook made, so when I got to Settings > Apps, there is nothing there to work with. How do you create a custom tab from scratch? Do I have to import something?

    • says

      Hi Sumaya,
      Sorry for the confusion! You need to have a tab before you can create a custom thumbnail.

      The easiest way to do it for free is to add an iFrame app and embed a web page. See this post.

      I’ll add a list of other posts on FB Tabs at the end of this post.

  26. says

    I use to see my FB Business apps right under my cover image, for some reason all my apps moved to the left side. I would really appreciate if there is away to move them back to the top, right under my cover image.
    Thank you!

  27. says

    THANK YOU! I invested 90 minutes surfing the web and FB to figure out what you shared, once I found you. I mean, I’m so grateful. Does FB have illiterates right their help section on purpose?

  28. says

    Thank you for the information. As this article was written in 2014, and the photo doesn’t show the new CTA button, I was wondering if the instructions are still valid today. I’m slow at this stuff!

    Thank you,


    • says

      Hi Christiane!

      Yes, other than the buttons on the cover photo, the screen shots are accurate. This was written after the switch to the new FB page design last year, so the instructions are correct.

      Thanks for checking!

  29. says

    So glad I found your page and site. I was about to have another head-banging-on-the-table session as I couldn’t figure out how to change the text on the app titles. :) Followed your directions and it worked perfectly. Haven’t done the images but that is next. This is what it looks like:

    Thanks again! (Saving this page.)

  30. says

    Hi Louise,

    Love your work!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it is always a pleasure to read your latest posts.

    I have a question… How can I add a picture to the ‘About’ tab of a business page on Facebook?… it currently holds a map and I want replace it with a photo.

    Thanks in advance,


    • says

      Thank you Dom, that’s nice to hear.

      I don’t think there’s any way to add a photo to the About tab. I believe the map is auto-generated when you have an address in your listing. No way to remove or replace it that I know of.


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