NEW Facebook Cover Photos 20% Text Compliance Checker!

Beware! Facebook Cover Photos and Ads Restricted to 20% TextFacebook Cover Photos and Ads are NOW restricted to 20% text. This went into effect January 15, 2013.

Updated 3-25-2013 with NEW Cover Photo rules below.

Is your Fan Page in compliance?

If you don’t run Facebook ads, this will only apply to your Fan Page Cover Photo.  You can still post images with more than 20% text to your Fan Page Timeline – but you won’t be able to use one as a Promoted Post or Sponsored Story. Those images can become page post ads that appear in the Facebook sidebar, but they cannot be promoted in the news feed while they contain more than 20% text.

Marketplace Ads are not affected. [pinit]

What Are the Rules for Facebook Cover Photos?

Some previous Facebook cover photos rules have been removed as of March 6, 2013. You are now free to include:

  • Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website.”
  • Contact information, such as web address, email, or mailing address.
  • References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or other Facebook site features.
  • Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends.”

BUT – if your cover photo contains more than 20% text, you should replace it right away. Facebook has been cracking down on violators – avoid a nasty surprise by replacing your cover photo now.

Be aware that text within a logo on a cover photo or ad image is counted towards your text limit.

Here’s how to create your Cover Photo at 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall, and less than 100KB, to look best and speed load time of your Fan Page.

What About Fan Page Wall Posts?

Facebook provides these guidelines for appropriate content posts:

  • meme: Facebook Fan Page Photos Restricted to 20% TextPhotos should include real people and real things. User sentiment research shows that emotions triggered by images of real people, real situations, and real objects, are more lasting and compelling than those with words or text
  • Text or text overlay should be minimal. Text in photos from friends is rare so text in photos from brands is seen as inauthentic and generates negative reactions
  • Brand logos, campaign slogans, and taglines should be used sparingly. Consider using a photo of your product in action instead of overlaying your brand logo or slogan on an unrelated image.
  • Keep it simple.

Is YOUR Facebook Cover Photo in Compliance?

Use this Cover Photo Checker to judge the amount of text in your Facebook Cover Photo! Enter your Fan Page URL and get an estimate of the amount of text on your Cover Photo.

What do you think of the new, relaxed rules from Facebook? Will you change your Fan Page cover photo?

Don’t let anyone in your network risk their Fan Page being pulled for non-compliance! Share this post so your friends and followers know the new text restrictions on Facebook Cover Photos and Ads.

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  1. says

    I think this is rather silly but I understand that they want people to buy ads and not advertise for free on their Timeline cover. Thanks for covering the details!

    • says

      Oh, now that’s a toughie. I think you might get away with some, like the graphic “max,” but not if it shows a marketing message – IF it’s more than 20% of the image.

  2. Jonny English says

    Thanks Louise for sharing the latest updates of facebook that 20% text rule. This will really help us a lot to design our cover photos according to the terms and conditions of the facebook. You can also Smashing Covers for latest cover photos as per new facebook design.

  3. says

    Dear Facebook: You are being a pain in the arse with your new 20% text rule for ads. Some ads MUST be more than 20% text because it may be an event a business is promoting, and the event’s logo IS what needs to be seen. It is the “image” used consistently in all ad/marketing someone may do from print to email to social and beyond. BRANDING is important for many events and as well for other initiatives. This is asinine. It is a move that will hurt branding efforts for many. Especially for Events, which often times uses a specifically created logo. And for Wall Sponsored stories which may be tied to that event. Why you feel the need to control how we brand ourselves is beyond me.

  4. Isaac says

    This is a pedantic move. I have a flyer to promote my Bootcamps starting in a few weeks which has to include a lot of information – times, price, location etc. It was just rejected this morning under the 20% txt rule. Do you have any suggestions to how I might get this information out? Do I post a picture that fits into the 20% guidelines then write the information as the above txt? Any helps appreciated thanks.

    • says

      I’m not an ad expert, but I do believe that’s what you’ll need to do. Use the copy to pique people’s interest and then they can get the details after they click.

      Best of luck!

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