Social Media & Personality: Are You a Misfit?

Social Media & Personality: Are You a Misfit?When it comes to social media, personality counts.

This Myers-Briggs personality study by CPP found that extraverts outnumber introverts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

This makes sense – according to Myers-Briggs personality typing (based on the theories of Carl Yung), extraverts get energy from interacting with people, while introverts recharge by retreating to their thoughts. [pinit]

Social Media & Personality: Are You a Misfit?

I fall strongly to the introvert side of the spectrum, and find even the simplest of social media tasks – like following back on Twitter – quite draining. I do feel like a social media misfit!

Note that according to this personality indicator, introversion isn’t about being shy or socially inept, but rather about what energizes you. Introverts gain energy and power through reflection and solitude. Our culture, and social media in particular, is geared toward the extravert.

The other 3 preference scales are explained well on the infographic.

  • Sensing – Intuition
  • Thinking – Feeling
  • Judging – Perceiving

Intuition is also correlated with being a social media user.

If you’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test, let us know your type, and how you feel about social media and personality – is it a good fit for you?

Social Media & Personality Type Infographic

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  1. says

    I think I may be in the middle. Not an extrovert but not quite an introvert either. I like my solitude but also appreciate the company of others. I shall take the Myers-Briggs test and find out what my social media personality is.

  2. says

    Interesting article and infographics! I had just taken the Myers-Briggs test and felt while taking it that depending on my perspective that day…some of my answers could change if taken again.
    But I am definitely more introverted by nature and I think social networking makes it easier for those of us who prefer solitude to “socialize” while not having to be out so often…especially if it drains your energy – which it does mine.

    It’s finding interesting information through like-minded people that makes social networking valuable to me.

    • says

      On an indicator where you fall close to the middle (for me, it’s T< -->F), you might see a change, but your core traits should stay the same.

      You’re right, Dana, social media is a boon for introverts as we have more control over how much time we spend interacting.

    • says

      The term used by Carl Jung was extravert. I’m not sure where the version with “o” came from, but “extravert” is generally used by the pros, so I just followed their lead ;-)

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