How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts: Infographic

How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts

Want to improve your social media posts?

Check out the great tips on this infographic from MyCleverAgency, and make better:

  • Facebook posts
  • Twitter tweets
  • Pinterest pins
  • Google+ posts
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Blog posts
  • Tumblr posts
  • Instagram photos
  • Vine videos
  • YouTube videos

Gotcha covered!

There are about half a dozen tips per platform, which adds up to a lot of good info! Plus a section on optimum time to post.

Look it over and see what you think. Any you disagree with? Let us know in the comments. Or share your own best tips for perfecting social media posts!

How to Create Perfect Social Media Posts: Infographic


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  1. Marina Cavalcante says


    Loved the infographic 😀 It really helped me

    But I still have one question: what is the best time to post on Instagram? I think you forgot it

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