How to Use Google Hangout for Business

How to Use Google Hangout for BusinessWondered how to use Google Hangout for your business?

If you haven’t thought about holding your own hangout, I’m sure you’ve been invited to one. And probably heard the virtues of hangouts extolled!

Let’s take a look at the many opportunities for increasing visibility, building relationships with your community, and demonstrating your expertise. 


What are some benefits of Google hangouts?

Hangouts build affinity with your community, so people can get to know you. Seeing you live helps build the “know, like, and trust” factor. People need to know you before deciding to work with you!

Hangouts increase your visibility and get you in front of more people. Tap the power of Google and YouTube – the top two search engines in the world – combining to help you get your message out!

Hangouts on Air save to your YouTube channel, where they rank in Google search more easily than blog posts. Make it easy for those interested in your niche to find you!

How can you use a Google Hangout for your business?

  • Weekly hangout to stay in touch with your list
  • Product reviews
  • Product demonstrations – your own, or affiliate products
  • One-on-one interview series
  • Panel interviews
  • Web shows
  • Consultations: group or private
  • Tutorials
  • Team meetings
  • Courses / info products

Need more guidance? My friend Stacey Myers (as seen in the videos – no relation!) has developed a Hangout Hints and How To course. The training is available “on demand.” If you’re interested, click here for more info. I’m an affiliate, friend, and fan of Stacey’s teaching.

I predict Google hangouts will be the success story of 2014. I’ve observed that folks who have used them once, use them over and over again – so they must work!

Ever done a Google Hangout for your business? Tell us about it in the comments!

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  1. says

    I am an online reading tutor and for the first time this week I began working with a new client via Hangouts. I love it. I have always done my tutoring via Skype before. In fact I am known as the Skying reading tutor. (My husband admonished me for doing this because he could see me using different systems in the future).

    My first experience with Google Hangouts was AWESOME. It was in fact, “Off the Chain.” Can you tell that I loved it.

    Now I need a new name. Hmmm…The Google Hangout Reading Tutor just doesn’t have the same ring as The Skyping Reading Tutor. Any thoughts?

    • says

      Hey Joanne! So glad to hear of your positive experience.

      I’d agree with your hubby and go with something that doesn’t specify the method. Something like, Your Go Anywhere Reading Tutor or On YOUR Computer Reading Tutor.

      See what your hubby thinks :-)

  2. says

    Just last week I did a first hangout with Chamber of Commerce members of the Social Media forum. It was not flawless even though we had one practice session a couple of days before our online meeting “Hangout on Air.” We all learned a lot and could probably do the next one almost without flaws. It is pretty complicated! Once on we talked about how small businesses and Chamber of Commerce members could use hangouts for their business. We had some good ideas, but everyone on the hangout will proceed cautiously. No one left with a gung-ho “Let’s-make-some-money-with-hangouts” plan. We are all feeling good about trying another new technology.

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